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The Engineering Survey 2019: Results

Posted by Danny Brooks on Jan 31, 2019 3:08:55 PM
Danny Brooks
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Engineering Jobs Survey

The results are in from VHR’s 2018 Engineers’ Survey!

VHR surveyed 500 engineers from around the world about their careers, finding work, and what they want from recruitment agencies.

Surprisingly, for 88% of respondents, money wasn’t the most pressing issue when it came to finding a new job. The most important factor was communication with their recruitment consultant: candidates valued help with interview preparation and reassurance regarding their place in the recruitment process. VHR prioritises communication with our candidates, and will look to continue providing support, feedback, and coaching through the interview process and beyond.

Almost a quarter (24%) of candidates said that having a good relationship with their recruitment agency was most important to them, as they could be using the agency’s services for years. VHR values the relationship we have with all our candidates, whether we’ve been working with them for days or decades.

Over a quarter of respondents (26%) said that a recruitment agency that specialised in their industry was the most important factor in finding a job, as this recruiter will have a deeper understanding of how the candidate’s industry works and can provide insight into new trends.

VHR plans to invest more resources into industry knowledge and insight, to help candidates climb their career ladders and ensure the very best recruitment experience.

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Engineers Survey 2019 Infographic 

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