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The Dubai Airshow Roundup 2021

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 7, Dec 2021
3 min read

VHR’s recruitment specialists reveal the latest aircraft designs, technologies, innovations and announcements at one of the most globally renowned air shows of the 21st century.

The World’s Most Famous Aerospace Event

The 2021 edition of one of the world’s largest Aerospace, Aviation and Defence events, Dubai Airshow welcomed:

  • 104,000 visitors – one of the largest amounts since the airshow began.
  • More than 1,200 exhibitors— of which 371 are new exhibitors and 80 are startups — participated in the event.
  • 160 aircrafts on display including commercial, military & private jets.
  • USD 78 billion worth of deals announced during the week.
  • 50% increase in trade visitors which included global senior executives from 148 countries. 
  • 250+ industry speakers
  • Conference and seminars on current and future sector trends
  • Latest technology in Aerospace, Aviation and Defence
  • Networking opportunities
  • Seminars – Popular topics such as sustainability in aviation and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G.

Deals Made: New Business & Relationships

This year’s event saw $78 billion worth of deals including:

  • Airbus – announced orders and commitments totalling 408 aircraft (269 firm orders and 139 commitments). The agreements covered the full range of commercial aircraft families,
  • Boeing - announced an order of 72 of its 737 Max from new Indian airline Akasa Air. It also announced orders for 11 of its 737-800BCF cargo planes from aircraft leasing company Icelease, nine converted 767-300BCF freighters from DHL, and orders for two of its long-range 777F freighters from Emirates SkyCargo
  • The UAE’s Ministry of Defence signed AED 22.5 billion worth of contracts with European, American and Asian contractors and suppliers at the Airshow.

Trends & Topics for Discussion

  • Efficiency in Aviation as a result of AI – making better, faster strategic decisions and building automated workflows. Artificial intelligence and its cognitive technologies that make a sense of data can streamline and automate analytics, machinery maintenance, customer service, as well as many other internal processes and tasks. 
  • Unmanned systems are where most of the industry's future innovation is focused – Businesses across industries realise that drones have multiple commercial applications, some of which go beyond basic surveillance and they are already using them to transform daily work in some industries.
  • Greater adoption of 100% SAF as a key element in the journey towards decarbonising flight – the electrification flight, a core pillar supporting the transition towards sustainable aviation by developing power systems for the future.
  • Strategies for sustainable Aviation – making it easier for the customers to buy sustainable fuelled trips with additional voluntary demand and government support.

Aviation Technology & Innovation

  • Drones – Russian company Kronshtadt presented its Orion drone with available armaments and the International Golden Group, based in the United Arab Emirates, hosted ISR drones developed at the China-Emirates Science and Technology Innovation Laboratory.
  • USVs to be developed by IAI and EDGE will be able to operate remotely, semi-autonomously or completely autonomously. They will offer "unique capabilities in terms of modularity, payload, range, manoeuvrability and performance.

VHR were delighted to meet with industry leaders at this year’s Dubai Air Show, and look forward to exhibiting again in 2023.

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