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Introducing VHR Workforce Solutions

  • by: Jenna Beard
  • On: 23, Jan 2020
1 min read

In 2020 we have extended our award-winning Managed Services capability and are delighted to announce the launch of VHR Workforce Solutions.

Benefits of Managed Services

RPO and MSP services are an efficient and cost-effective way to recruit qualified workers and plan your future workforce.

Managed Services solutions can:

· Increase Efficiency – Give your HR team more time by directing a consistent pipeline of talent into your business, which can facilitate the completion of high-volume recruitment projects in just months or weeks.

· Reduce Risk – Condense all recruitment through one channel, enabling complete control, complete transparency and complete compliance.

· Improve Recruitment Service Quality – Through interviews and screening, candidates can be evaluated in detail, and matched to the needs of the project or team.

· Provide a Long-Term Solution – Set up a longer contingency for future recruitment needs with a dedicated account manager who will understand the needs of your business, and what your business will be looking for as it moves forward.

· Support with Expert Guidance – Industry or field specialists supply in-depth knowledge, even when recruiting at high volume.

VHR’s Award-Winning Managed Services

VHR has over 16 years' experience partnering airlines, MROs, Automotive brands, Formula One teams, boat racing teams and luxury yacht manufacturers. For over a decade we have delivered RPO and MSP solutions to many clients who commission us to oversee their entire projects, across business planning, research, implementation and in-work management.

Tailored to your every need, our VHR Workforce Solutions programmes can:

· Find the best talent in a competitive market

· Remove administrative burdens by delivering all sourcing, onboarding, logistics, work permits and in-work management

· Reduce recruitment costs and increase efficiencies.


Find out more about VHR Workforce Solutions.

Read the 5 Steps to a Compliant Recruitment Process.

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