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Posted by Aimee Treasure on Apr 1, 2019 12:16:46 PM
Aimee Treasure
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VHR’s LinkedIn Community is growing by 1,000 new followers every month.

In 2018, our LinkedIn audience grew from 24,000 followers to 30,000. After expanding our LinkedIn audience by 25% in the last year alone, 2019 is set to welcome even more engineers on the world’s favourite social media channel for new jobs.

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VHR’s LinkedIn channel offers:

· Jobs – All new technical and engineering jobs, including Aircraft Fitters, Composite Technicians, Design Mechanics and Boat Builders

· Industry Trends– Read the latest updates on Brexit, current events and everything going on in your industry around the world

· Games– Play #NameThePlane and #GuessTheCar in our interactive daily games

· Polls – Share your opinions and experiences

· Career Advice– The best tips from our engineering recruitment specialists on how to write a great CV, how to prepare for interviews and how to impress your next employer.

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