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Brexit: VHR’s Recruitment Solutions

Posted by Aimee Treasure on Jan 16, 2019 12:18:08 PM
Aimee Treasure
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Amidst fears about the impact of Brexit on recruitment, VHR’s unique staffing offering is poised to weather every Brexit outcome.

Brexit VHR's Solutions


The UK’s parliament vote on the evening of 15 January did not produce the clarity hoped for with regard to the UK’s future trading relationship with our EU partners.


VHR is keeping up to date with all developments in the period up to and beyond 29th March 2019 and we are well-positioned to react positively to the possible outcomes. VHR is fully committed to the long term support of all our EU-based clients and we will work with any trading framework agreed between the governments of the UK and the EU.


VHR is incorporated in the Czech Republic as Virtual Human Resources s.r.o., a fully compliant and fully regulated recruitment company based in Prague. VHR’s Czech company enables VHR to provide recruitment services to all our EU-based clients and full access to the EU staffing market.


Our Czech recruitment company means we can continue to provide seamless recruitment services regardless of any Brexit outcome.


Get in touch to discuss your recruitment strategy following Brexit.


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