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Production Planning Managers

Posted by Sarah Aiken on Nov 21, 2019 8:21:57 AM 1574412891531

VHR is currently looking for an experienced Production Maintenance Planner to work a long-term contract or permanent position based in Harbin, China

This role will involve being based in China on a full time basis for a minimum 1 year. Flights and accommodation are provided.


  • Serve as the safety representative of the Safety Action Team of the Engineering Department, comply with the Security Committee's safety policy and be responsible to the Security Committee.
  • Be able to identify the approved data required for the scope of work, check the availability of current maintenance data, and be responsible for the suitability of all necessary maintenance information in accordance with Section 145.A.45.
  • Responsible for the preservation and maintenance of all external and internal aircraft maintenance manuals for the Technical Reference Room.
  • Approve and/or complete the approval process for the work card that must be added to legalize it.
  • Ensure that all necessary engineering materials and resources are available and meet the needs of the maintenance engineering work, and ensure that it meets the requirements of the airworthiness authority and the requirements of the customer of Party A.
  • It can complete the preparation of documents such as repair reports and other modifications required for the repair of aircraft/parts, and prepare documents for modification, and is responsible for the approval.
  • Storage management of airworthy technical data.
  • Organize and manage aircraft weighing matters and data records.
  • Ability to review and organize AD, SB, and SL.
  • Review the maintenance program and report it to the airline operator for approval, and develop aircraft/aircraft component maintenance plans, instructions, work order cards, etc.
  • Be able to carry out the maintenance and engineering tasks in accordance with the maintenance contract agreement, start and work, monitor the relevant subcontractors for maintenance, and check the conformity of the subcontracting tasks.
  • According to the work order/repair contract requirements, it is possible to prepare and start the maintenance engineering task, supervise the inspection and ensure that the maintenance activities meet the contract requirements signed by the company and the air operator/Party A customer, and ensure that the maintenance activities meet the current airworthiness regulations and Standards and requirements for maintenance work procedures. Review retention work items.
  • Publish the relevant information files to the customer and do a good job of keeping the technical records archived. Make sure the maintenance program is valid.
  • Effective management of the status of aircraft/products/components.
  • Responsible for contact with the aircraft manufacturer or component original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Completion of corrective actions in accordance with the rectification requirements proposed by the safety and quality manager, and ensure that quality compliance corrective actions are carried out in accordance with the quality requirements of the CAA and FLARI.
  • Create a technical solution / work order card and related documents.
  • Effectively allocate resources of the department and implement performance indicators;
  • Proper use of equipment and facilities (plants, vehicles, tools, work clothes, labor protection supplies), and the ability to properly store/register basic production materials and low-cost assets under the jurisdiction of the book;
  • Accident prevention
  • Ability to educate subordinate employees;
  • Drafting a business plan and technical agreement;
  • Ability to negotiate with customers on technical and commercial issues related to aircraft maintenance
  • Calculate the planned maintenance workload (fixed amount); analyze and evaluate the company's maintenance work scope and non-standard work beyond the manual.
  • For maintenance tasks, the scope and workload of the work can be analyzed at the level of the project and work order cards.
  • Manage and control the workload of the department under its jurisdiction
  • According to the maintenance project, it is possible to organize the resources and materials needed for various production implementations.
  • Organize the development of tools that optimize production processes and efficiency
  • Store the confidential information of the company assigned to the company in the manner provided by the company;
  • Ensure that all kinds of production materials assigned by the company to them can be used safely and properly;
  • The accuracy of the data provided to others can be guaranteed;
  • It can ensure that the work meets the requirements of occupational safety and health / environmental protection / civil protection / fire safety and company regulations;
  • It is possible to implement the tasks assigned to the company and the superiors in a timely and correct manner.

Person Specification

  • Ideally have a bachelor's degree in aeronautical science or aeronautical engineering;
  • Experience of 145 inspection / line maintenance unit work experience and maintenance planning
  • Familiar with aircraft construction, development rules, maintenance technology, and technical status control of parts;
  • Familiar with the maintenance and production activities of 145 maintenance unit MRO;
  • Strong leadership.
  • Good analytical and computational skills.
  • Have effective organizational and management skills.
  • Ability to coordinate maintenance schedules and maintenance schedules with relevant departments.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and planning skills


  • Salary- Negotiable depending on experience level
  • Flights and accommodation provided in China
  • Hours: 40 per week

Please contact Sarah Aiken at sarah.aiken@v-hr.com for further information.

Topics: Aerospace & Aviation