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VHR celebrates Superyacht's WINWIN and INOUI

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 16, Jun 2017
1 min read

VHR is proudly sponsoring Europe's longest standing regatta - the Superyacht Cup in Palma. Superyacht's WINWIN and INOUI will be racing at the premium regatta.

History of The Superyacht Cup

The Bay of Palma offers perfect racing conditions in the Mediterranean for amazing Superyacht’s to compete. The prestigious European regatta annually celebrates a fleet of incredible boats and continues to be a favourite four-day event amongst yacht owners, friends, captains and crew. 

The eminent Superyacht regatta began in 2009 and is now an integral event during the Superyacht racing season. VHR looks back through history and celebrates both the design and structure of several Superyachts competing in 2017’s regatta, including Baltic Yacht's triumphant WINWIN and Vitters Shipyard INOUI.

Dedicated to the beautiful designs and cutting-edge technology of some of 2017’s Superyacht competitors, VHR’s honours both WINWIN and INOUI. Watch below for an illustrative summary on both WINWIN and INOUI.


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