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Why You Should Work In Israel

  • by: Sunette Van Aarde
  • On: 10, Aug 2023
3 min read

If you’ve ever considered working in technology or engineering, Israel might be the perfect place for you to take the next step in your career.

 Israel is often listed in the top 20 richest countries in the world. It has a strong economy and job market, especially in tech, and can be a great place to further your engineering career.

Why you should consider a career in Israel

Good career opportunities

The most important thing to consider about any country when you’re weighing up whether to move there for work is the actual quality of the labour market there.

Are there lots of established companies, or healthy start up growth? What’s the unemployment rate? How well does an average job in your industry pay? These are often the first thing people will think about when it comes to living and working abroad.

Fortunately in Israel’s case, there are many good career opportunities there, especially in the technology and engineering sectors, which top the highest salary levels in the country.

It has a high amount of successful start-ups, so there are healthy levels of investment creating new jobs, which makes it easier for people coming into the country to find work.

 Israel also has strong ties internationally, meaning you may be able to grow your global professional network throughout Europe, the US, and Asia.

High standard of living

 Israel offers a high quality of life with a rich cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, beautiful landscapes, a warm climate, and great medical care.

However, the other side of this is that Israel is often ranked in the top 10 most expensive countries in the world to live in. Of course, this does mean that salaries are high to ensure that residents can afford the cost of living.

Gaining new experience

 Part of building a career is gaining experience, both professionally and personally. Working in a different country, or even a different culture to what you’re used to can help you grow, and make you more employable in the long-run.

If Israel’s culture is different to your own, working out of your comfort zone helps you develop new social skills, and increases your resilience and confidence at work. This can impress hiring managers, and can help you stand out in future interviews.

Innovation and technology

As mentioned, Israel is a world-leader when it comes to innovation and technology, well known for its contribution to the technology and engineering industries.

 Working in Israel allows you to gain experience with cutting-edge technology, unlocking opportunities you might never get to work with elsewhere.

Flexible working culture

 While other cultures are still working a traditional 9-5, Israel’s tech companies often utilise a flexible working schedule, allowing workers a high level of freedom and autonomy when choosing when to work.

How to get a job in Israel as a foreign worker

 Like anywhere, it can be tough to get a job in Israel as a foreign worker. There is competition for any job, and locals may sometimes be hired over foreigners.

But don’t be discouraged. You can leverage your professional network to build connections. For many businesses in Israel, hiring through recommendations is the norm, as well as being faster and more trusted than online applications. If you come with a strong recommendation, and make a good impression in person, you can go far.

Engineering professionals may find that Israel is the perfect place to hone their skills, use their creativity, and gain experience, providing valuable strengths that continue to serve them throughout their careers.

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