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Why You Should Work In Germany

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 23, Jul 2019
3 min read

Germany has one of the best economies in the world, and is a hub for various industries in Europe and beyond. It has rich culture, history, and some of the most exciting cities in the world.

Some of the most in-demand roles are in the fields of science and engineering, so if you’re a software or electrical engineer, consider a career in Germany.

Benefits of Working In Germany:

  • High Wages And Investment

The average salary for a project engineer in Germany is 50,000 euros. Thanks to Germany’s economic prosperity and stability, most salaries are higher than average compared to the rest of Europe at just over two thousand euros.

On top of higher than average salaries, most employment laws are in favour of the employee: full paid maternity leave, sick pay for up to six weeks, and flexible working hours.

German businesses are also incredibly protective of their employees, investing time and resources into training them to increase staff retention.

  • Good Work/Life Balance

After the financial crisis of 2008, Germany brought in significant reforms to its labour laws, making it easier for employers to hire contract staff. This has drastically improved their unemployment rate, making Germany very attractive for anyone looking for a job.

German workers typically work around 35 hours per week, compared to the UK where full-time workers typically work around 44 hours. Every full-time worker is entitled to at least 20 days holiday plus 9 public holiday days per year.

  • Reasonable Cost Of Living

Rent in German cities is on average cheaper than in other major European cities. In Berlin, there is a rent cap which prohibits raising rent by more than 10% of the area average rent price. This might be part of why the average overall cost of living in Berlin is around 16% less than in London.

What It’s Like To Live In Germany:

  • High Standard Of Living

Germans enjoy a high standard of living and health, thanks to their robust infrastructure. Their high salaries also contribute to their good health, allowing them to enjoy a higher standard of nutrition and care.

Germany also has some of the most efficient and reliable public transport in the world.

  • Culture

Germany has a long history, with some of the best museums in the world to enjoy.

There are also numerous cultural festivals throughout the year to celebrate.

  • Cultural Differences

Germans are famously blunt and direct, and don’t engage in small talk. For people from other cultures, this is sometimes mistakenly perceived as rude, but in general most Germans simply prefer efficiency over politeness.

Keep in mind this is nothing personal, and it should not impact your work or your relationships.

How To Live And Work In Germany:

  • If You Are An EU National:

First, you must have a valid passport, and proof of residence in the country. EU residents, and nationals from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein do not need visas or work permits to live in Germany.  They do however have to prove they have legal residence within the country, taking their passport and tenancy contract or proof of ownership at a local registration office.

  • If You Are Not An EU National:

If you’re not an EU national, you’ll still have to register at a local office upon arriving in Germany. You’ll also need to apply for a residence permit. This will require you to have a valid passport, health insurance, proof of sufficient funds to support your stay, and an employment contract.

The length of your residence permit will depend on your reason for staying and the type of visa you hold, however it can be extended.

Read more about working in Germany, or download our guide to working in Europe.

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