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Why Work in Recruitment – VHR Academy 4.0 Tell All

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 12, Mar 2020
4 min read

What do a graduate of mechanical engineering, a former bar owner, a package tracking agent, a customer service employee and a construction worker have in common? They have all joined the VHR Academy: a unique training programme to transform inexperienced individuals into successful recruitment consultants.

Reasons to Work in the Recruitment Industry

In London, as well as in most European capitals, the job market is competitive, and each new job can see several hundred applications. People regardless of their age, sector, and education struggle for a better position, a better pay and a better environment in the workplace. Companies on the other hand constantly increase their criteria, ask for more years of experience and requirements. Relocation is becoming more and more a global phenomenon. That makes it for everyone harder to find an opportunity to better their professional life, especially those brave enough to venture on a career change. This is why opportunities like the one presented here by VHR are not only rare but also valuable ones: the VHR Academy for Recruiters.

What is the VHR Academy?

Academy trainees work in paid positions at VHR, where they undertake intensive 32-week training in technical recruitment. The course involves practical learning exercises taught by experienced members of our sales team, many of whom are former industry practitioners such as a Formula 2 driver and America’s Cup sailor.

Regardless of your career background, nationality or age, the Academy requires no prior experience or Academic qualification. All applicants are assessed on their personality, passion for work and adaptability to new challenges.


Meet Our Trainees

The above perfectly describes our current trainees. Varying in age, academic and working experience, nationality and motivation for applying, all Academy trainees have one thing in common: the desire for a career change whilst in a stable and supported environment. In their words:

Academy trainee Noemi Niemiec comments, ‘Since I have no experience in recruitment and especially in the technical sector, the Academy is a great opportunity. It allows you to learn everything from scratch with no pressure’. Her fellow trainee Jodie Green says, ‘I believed it would be a supported transition. I want a career and the programme was a great step towards it. I didn’t think I would get in, but I did.’

The Recruitment Training Programme

The training consists of different and varying tasks to help the trainees understand and experience as much of life at VHR and in the recruitment business as possible. From learning how to manage social accounts and databases to legal procedures and basic mechanics information, the training is all inclusive and collaborative.

Noemi says, ‘I had a rough couple of weeks because I had no idea what I was doing. Everything was very new and it would be hard without support. I am lucky to be able to have the experience and the time and support to figure things out – the Academy Coaches are incredibly supportive’.

The trainees also learn the business development and candidate care processes, acquire technical information about VHR’s sectors – Aerospace & Aviation, F1 & Automotive, Engineering & Defence and Marine – and build expertise across systems, office equipment and business communication procedures. The extensive course has a lot to take in, though the fourth Academy group feel like they are recruiters already.

Academy trainee Gianluca Merlino comments, ‘You get the results after hard work in recruitment. I love being able to help people. Understanding what they want, what they need and being able to help them take care of themselves is brilliant.’ Jodie reinforces that trainees will evolve during the process: ‘You must be motivated and driven. You might get knocked down, but you have to get up and keep going. That requires motivation.’

Improving Recruitment Industry Standards, One Recruiter at a Time

The recruitment industry is often misunderstood: in a tough market, not all agencies prioritise the candidate experience. Jodie shares, ‘I had a lot of bad experiences with an agency when I was a candidate myself. I think that we treat candidates much better at VHR, because we really care about them as individuals and we want to help them in every way we can.’

The reward is equal to the task, as Noemi very vividly portrays: ‘That feeling when you make a placement: you make money and achieve success, and so does your candidate. I am about to make a placement, fingers crossed. Helping people gives me a boost.’

The VHR Academy gives the opportunity for structured and direct communication between engineers and technical contractors all over the globe. Training up a diverse group of recruiters to high standards from the very beginning builds candidate relationships that are based on mutually beneficial collaborations.

Gianluca points out, ‘Recruitment services help people make a connection and form a bond. We try to get the right people in the right place. I am the right person, in the right position to do that because I can be honest, reliable and trustworthy both with the clients and the candidates.’

VHR’s values of trust, honesty, integrity, respect and teamwork empower the service that our team provide to candidates. Gianluca adds, ‘Help from a recruiter saves candidates time and gives them so many more options, more opportunities while they are able to still work..’ Jodie adds, ‘Recruiting services help build company reputations and spread how good they are to work with through word of mouth.’

The Benefits of a Career in Recruitment

All VHR employees can access 21 benefits including:

· Monthly Social Events – casual dress throughout the day, followed by food, drink and entertainment in the afternoon

· Quarterly Dinners – High-performers across teams enjoy a free meal and drinks together

· Flexible Working Hours – Choose your start and finish times every day

· Private Healthcare – Our programme offers aromatherapies, discounts and free cinema tickets.


Our Academy is continuing to give opportunities to anyone looking to start a new career, regardless of background or experience. Join our Team.

Unsure whether you’re suited to a career as a recruiter? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About a Recruitment Career.




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