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Why Spain Is Crucial to The Marine Industry

  • by: Alex Perez
  • On: 3, Dec 2018
2 min read

The Marine industry is booming thanks to increased efficiency and a renewed importance on global trade. Spain is one of the global Marine’s sector’s biggest success stories, and the industry is going from strength to strength thanks to effective oversight and government backing. 

Spain’s coastal tourism, fishing and shipping industries are all examples of how to maximise potential and ensure long-term Marine growth.

5 Reasons Spain’s Marine Industry Is Booming:

1. Tourism

Spain has one of the healthiest tourism sectors in the world, thanks to an ever-present influx of British and global tourists all year round. The Spanish coast is perfect for Marine tours, with pleasure cruises a staple of the tourism business. Having had decades to refine its tourism sector, Spain provides the gold standard for boat tours and expeditions, encouraging tourists to return again and again.

2. Fishing and Aquaculture

Spain has a robust fishing industry due to its unique location in both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. It has the largest fish processing industry in Europe, sustained by its massive fleet of around 10,000 ships.

The country also has a carefully regimented and maintained aquaculture that is crucial to its Marine life, which supports around 20,000 jobs. The production of food with an aquatic origin has risen to 52 million tonnes in recent years, and some of the best industry practices can be found in Spanish waters.

This is developed alongside responsible and sustainable fishing practices, complimenting efforts and compounding results for economic gain without environmental cost. Spain has some of the highest consumption of these foods in the world, and with a growing population of 46.5 million people, this delicate balance must be maintained not just for the good of the ocean, but for the good of the people who have come to rely on it to survive.

Here's How Spain Has Revolutionised its Yacht Racing Industry.

3. Shipping

Spain is vital to the logistics of shipping in Europe, as well as through the Mediterranean. Spain’s shipping industry is supported by its network of fantastically maintained infrastructure across all sectors: road, rail and air, allowing it to boast efficient and capable supply routes through Europe and beyond. Over a hundred different shipping companies in Spain make up its massive fleet.

4. Energy

The EU is leading the charge to update the shipping industry to a cleaner fuel supply. Spain currently utilises a large amount of oil and gas, but as developments in solar and wind power make Marine technology cheaper and more efficient, moves are being made towards a greener energy economy. Spain is one of the world’s largest producers of wind power, with over a fifth of its power supply coming from wind turbines.

5. Technology

The Spanish Marine industry has invested around 260 million Euros into R&D to deliver cutting-edge technology in an increasingly competitive market. New technology will be vital to the continued growth of Spain’s Marine sector, with autonomous shipping, AI and more efficient fuels systems all on the horizon. This focus on the future is part of what makes Spain such a great place to live and work as an engineer.

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