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Why Is Teamwork So Important To VHR?

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 30, Apr 2019
2 min read

Teamwork is a vital part of any successful business. Bringing together people with different skills, backgrounds, and areas of expertise allows for a business to grow into new areas, and provide a higher quality of service.

VHR is an international recruitment company, one that was built on the foundation of teamwork. We have people working all over the world across our different sectors all working to help engineers find new jobs and learn new skills. Our employees all work across different teams, helping find new business, support our own employees, and place candidates in engineering roles that challenge them.

Teamwork Helps Our Candidates

First and foremost, having a such a large team allows us to help our candidates. We have candidates working across every level of engineering, and are supported by our team of experts. Our team is made of people from all around the world, who speak multiple languages, and will often have worked in the industry they’re recruiting in.

Because of this, they’re more effective at helping place our candidates, helping them get jobs that move them up their career ladder. Our recruitment consultants work closely with candidates, building close relationships which allow them to understand their experience, their qualifications, and what they’re looking for.

Teamwork Lets Us Work Across Multiple Sectors

VHR works across a variety of sectors: aviation and aerospace, engineering, defence, marine, automotive and F1, and even offshore energy. Working in these different sectors just wouldn’t be possible without a diverse team with a wide set of skills and experience.

We have employees who have worked in all of these sectors, having first-hand experience and a deep understanding of how these sectors work. This also means they can better anticipate the needs of our client, which helps build the level of trust we strive to develop in all our partnerships.

Teamwork Helps The Company Grow

Thanks to having people working across those different sectors, our company has been able to grow both in size, and move into new markets and countries. Beyond our recruitment and sales teams, we also have an in-house marketing team, a finance team, a compliance team, and our HR team, who all help keep the company running smoothly.

These smaller departments work in very different areas in very different ways. Marketing allows for VHR to reach more clients, meaning there are more jobs to recruit for. It also enables more candidates to find and work with us.

Finance works to keep all our payments to our candidates running on time. They also help organise payments for accommodation around the world, and any additional expenses.

Our compliance team ensures that all our recruitment practices are legal under recruitment law, both in the UK and in any country our candidates work in. Without them, the company couldn’t operate.

Every element of the company compliments each other, forming a network that supports and enables growth. This allows VHR to grow, and reinvest time and resources back into the company.

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