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What the Ritz-Carlton Cruise Ships Mean for the Marine Industry

  • by: Maxime Robert
  • On: 10, Oct 2018
2 min read

Last year the Ritz-Carlton Hotel revealed plans for a luxury cruise line to set sail in 2020. Three 298-passenger ships are due to be built with the aim of dominating the world of luxury travel. The new luxury cruise line will distinguish parent company Marriott International as the only provider of luxury accommodations both on land and at sea.

Tickets will likely sell for anywhere between three to ten thousand US dollars. The new ships are designed to overshadow all other cruise ships, with larger rooms and private balconies, numerous restaurants, more deck space, and an on-board spa. Designed for the very highest luxury, these new ships will set the standard for international Marine travel.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel luxury cruise line could signal the first of many prestigious hotel brands moving into the Marine sector. Marine investment, development, and engineering are all on the rise, which means there’s more opportunity than ever for businesses wanting to expand their offering and enter the Marine industry, with top tier quality made possible by the hard work of engineering crews, naval architects, builders and carpenters.

The Future of Luxury Marine Travel

The naval, commercial shipping and offshore energy sectors can all expect reasonable growth by 2030, indicating that the Marine industry may benefit from rapidly developing technology. We may see further investment into high status ‘1%’ luxury ships – but this doesn’t mean the Marine industry will become detached from everyday consumers:

  • Shipping will only rise as the global population increases, and as developing nations continue to grow and export more goods, the world will become more connected
  • As global demand becomes more specific, technology will need to be utilized in the most efficient ways to ensure consistent quality
  • Marine engineers will help drive fleets and the economy forward, innovating solutions to new problems, and improving designs with the latest materials
  • Prototype ship designs that just a few years ago could never have been imagined will soon become commonplace, thanks to revolutionary smart materials.

A focus on Marine sustainability will demand creative thinking to one of the planet’s biggest problems, and when combined with technology, innovation and an increasingly-connected world, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel luxury cruise line could signal the start of unprecedented Marine expansion.

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