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What Makes VHR An International Company?

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 23, Apr 2019
2 min read

While many recruitment companies work around the world, few of them have a truly global presence. VHR is an international recruitment company that utilises the skills and languages of our employees to provide a quality service for our clients and candidates. We do more than just place our candidates in roles around the world: the business is international by design, made stronger thanks to the multilingual and cultural skills our employees have.

Why VHR Is Truly Global:

Our Employees Are From All Over The World

VHR is a growing company, with almost a hundred employees. Many of our employees are from other countries, bringing new experiences, skillsets, and cultural knowledge with them. This has allowed us to build a strong network of contacts, bridging the gap between different countries and forge stronger relationships. This simply wouldn’t be possible without a diverse team, which is why VHR strives to create a team of skilled individuals from all around the world.

We Speak Multiple Languages

Across all our employees, VHR speaks 22 languages. This allows us to communicate with our international clients and candidates, and helps us better understand how they operate, and what they want to achieve. Having people who can speak different languages is always a bonus, and has allowed us to work across 45 different countries.

We Have Offices In Multiple Countries

VHR now has offices in London, Manchester, Valencia, Italy, the UAE, and Ireland. Over the next few years, the company is looking to expand, and move into new areas. This will allow us to network with new businesses, break into new markets, and continue to grow.

Our offices are strategically placed based on the industries we work in, our Valencia office is key for our Marine team, our UAE office is critical for our engineering consultants, and our London HQ is where all the teams come together.

International Partnerships and Clients

Most of VHR’s core business comes from outside the UK. We’ve successfully forged a long-term partnership with a leading UAE Airline, helped a European F1 Team build their team, and our first ever client was an Asian airline who still work with us today.

Last year we served over 200 clients across 5 continents, and our client list is growing all the time.  

Our International Workforce Has Won Awards

Because our work takes place around the world, with a workforce of highly skilled people, our talents and dedication have been recognized by winning multiple awards over the last year.

VHR has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade, one of the most prestigious awards a business can receive. VHR was also named Best Company To Work For by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

VHR is striving to expand around the world while maintaining the focus on quality that we always have. This is made possible through our team.

We’re always looking to expand our team, and gain employees with new talents. If you want to work for a growing business with a global mindset, apply to work for VHR today.

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