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What are the Average Salaries for Engineering Jobs Across Industries?

  • by: Manju George
  • On: 19, Apr 2018
4 min read

Salary is not always the most important aspect of a job – some jobs offer amazing benefits, flexibility or the opportunity to live and work abroad – but for specific life and career goals, salaries and rates of pay can be important in a new job.

Salaries will vary due to many factors, including your competencies, level of experience, the industry you work in, and the location of the company. However, here are the average pay rates for each of VHR’s four core industries, to help you know what to expect from a new job and to help you navigate your engineering career.

To put average salaries across industries into context, here are the average annual wages across the world:

What is the Average Salary of an Engineer in the UK?


The UK’s Engineering sector is highly competitive, engineers earn amongst the highest salaries in the modern workforce.

In 2017, the average annual salary for those working in Engineering jobs was £52K

• The average entry level salary for those working in Engineering was £27K

• Data Scientists earned the highest salary rise last year, gaining a 2.3% pay increase in 2017

• The average salary of Avionics Engineers working in the UK is around £54K

In April 2017 the Telegraph reports that the fastest-growing engineering specialities are Aerospace, Chemicals, Petroleum, and Space.

The UK may soon be experiencing an increase in the demand for engineers across all sectors. In Q4 2107, 22% of UK Engineering businesses named technical skills shortages as their most urgent business problem. The UK Engineering industry generates over 25% of annual GDP and needs to train 1.8 million people by 2025 to fulfil labour demands, which could have a significant positive impact upon engineering jobs and engineering salaries.

What is the Average Salary in the Formula One, Motorsport and Automotive Industries?

Whilst Formula One drivers can earn from $150K to $60million, Motorsport technician jobs and Formula One engineer salaries are concerned with levels of experience. Junior engineers and technicians starting out in Formula One may receive lower salaries as they build up their experience. A Formula One technician in the UK can earn around £26K-£29K. In France, the most experienced and skilled F1 mechanics can earn more than 40,000€ (£34.5K) and the best F1 technicians 50,000€ (£43K).

Salaries for F1 jobs will also vary according to companies. Some of the most famous homes of Formula One are based in the UK, such as Red Bull in Buckinghamshire, McLaren in Surrey, Mercedes and Force India in Northamptonshire and Lotus, Williams and several Formula One teams based in Oxfordshire.

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What is the Average Salary in the Aerospace & Aviation Industry?

Some of the best Aerospace and Aviation salaries can be found in Qatar. The average salaries in Qatar in 2017 were 11.68% greater than the average UAE salaries, with an average of $11,473 per month. Although goods are more expensive in Qatar than un the UK, expats and local engineers working in Qatar do not pay tax on their wages.

China offers some of the lowest average wages in Aerospace & Aviation. Engineering salaries are often lower than other countries. However, China makes up for the low salaries by offering the opportunity to live in one of the largest and most innovative industrial countries in the world, where you can quickly improve your technology skills.

In Europe, the average Aerospace & Aviation salaries can vary by country and by individual company. An Aeronautical Engineer in Ireland earns an average salary of €36,250 (£31.6K) and the average salary in Budapest, Hungary is currently around 200,000 HUF (or €650 euros per month) after taxes.

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What is the Average Salary in the Marine Industry?

A Marine Engineer working in Sweden earns an average of 444,477 Swedish Krona (SEK), the equivalent of around £36,000. When compared with the average salary in Sweden at £29,914, the Swedish Marine industry offers some of the most well-paid jobs for Marine Engineers and Technicians.

In Spain, a Marine Engineer earns an average of 3,454€ (£3,000) per month, which translates to £36,108 per annum. Specialists earn 1.27 times more than Marine Engineers without a specialism.

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The numbers listed above are general averages, which do not account for the widely differing circumstances and careers of Engineers and Technicians working all over the world. The average salary varies depending on your levels of skills and experience, industry and location, and expats are normally paid more than local workers – yet another reason to live and work abroad.

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