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UK Diesel and Petrol Ban - Impact on F1

  • by: Max Snegirev
  • On: 27, Jul 2017
1 min read

Will the new diesel and petrol car ban prove devastating to the Formula 1 and automotive industries, or provide the opportunity for unprecedented innovation in car manufacturing?

What The Diesel And Petrol Ban Means For Formula One

Yesterday’s announcement that the sale of new diesel and petrol cars will be banned in the UK by 2040 was greeted with outcry from all corners of the country. The automotive, motorsport, and Formula 1 industries will be forced to undergo significant changes to remain compliant with legislation whilst retaining optimum speed and performance.

However, others welcome the ban on diesel and petrol cars, which aims to encourage the use of electric cars. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove believes that, "There is no alternative to embracing new technology”, and history has proven that despite resistance to change, restrictions and unpopular alterations have actually improved the F1 experience, and the diesel and petrol ban could in fact have immensely beneficial effects on the Formula 1 industry.

From the Lotus designs of Colin Chapman to gravity-defying inventions of recent years, innovation is at the heart of Formula One. What can at first appear to be monumental challenges such as the 2040 car ban can prove the catalyst to driving motorsport forward.

The ban also presents a silver lining: with the reduction in diesel and petrol vehicles on the roads, the electric motorsport events of Formula E and classic car festivals such as the Goodwood Revival could soar in popularity, helping to retain the spirit of the sport we love.

Come 2040, the diesel and petrol ban may prove a cause for celebration after all.

Find out more about the innovation leading the F1 industry here.

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