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Best Jobs to Work in 2018

  • by: Maxime Robert
  • On: 16, Feb 2018
3 min read

Looking for a new Engineering job? If you're looking for higher salaries, working abroad, or to advance your skill set, the perfect job for you is just around the corner.

Best Technical Jobs to Work in 2018

1.Pilot Jobs

Despite a fall in salaries of 0.6% in 2016, Pilot jobs are still some of the best paid jobs in the UK. Increased demand across the airline and travel industries, combined with a global Pilot skills shortage, means that airlines around the world are currently offering hundreds of Pilot jobs for those with the skills and experience.

2. Software Engineer Jobs

In a Best Jobs to Work in 2018 UK survey created by Glassdoor, Software Engineer Jobs scored highly for job satisfaction, median base salary and thousands of job openings. The demand for skills to fill thousands of Cyber Security Jobs will mean Software Engineers and Cyber Security Jobs in the Defence sector will be in high demand over the next 5 years.

Motorsport Technician3. Motorsport Technician Jobs

The F1 & Automotive industry grew by 18% in 2017, meaning that more Automotive and Motorsport businesses are investing in new technical talent than in previous years. With Electric Vehicles changing the face of Formula One and Autonomous Vehicles revolutionising the Automotive industry, Motorsport skills are in high demand to keep up with global innovation. Motorsport Technician jobs are some of the best jobs to work in 2018.

4. Precision Engineering Jobs

Earlier this year 22% of UK Manufacturing and Engineering businesses put skills shortages at the top of their agenda, and with the current Precision Engineering skills shortage, the UK Engineering industry will need to train 1.8 million people by 2025 to fulfil labour demands. If you are an Engineer or Technician with precision engineering experience, you can move up your career by applying for a new position. 

5. MRO Technician Jobs

With 8.3 million people flying every day, the aviation has many challenges to overcome. Pollution, safety, and long-term viability are all issues facing new and established airlines. 

Global demand for Aviation skills is set to overtake supply by 2027, meaning that airlines will be offering exciting careers for Aircraft Technicians as one of the best jobs to work in 2018.

6. Aviation Jobs in the UAE

The UAE is becoming an increasingly attractive job prospect for engineers and technical workers looking for new careers and new ways of life. The UAE government offers a tax-free income, annual leave ranges from 22-30 days per year and 270,000 new jobs will be created in the UAE before 2021.

7. Engineering Jobs

Engineering is one of the most high-paying and fast-moving industries in the world. Whilst women make up over 50% of the UK population, just 9% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female, and despite the increased demand for engineering skills, fewer young people are embarking on Engineering apprenticeships. Engineering jobs provide rewarding careers for every type of skill set or background, and the current lack of women, diverse groups and young people in engineering presents a unique opportunity for new talent to step forward.

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