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The Most In-Demand Skills You Need To Have When Looking for A Job

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 10, Jun 2019
3 min read

Different roles require different skills, but no matter what sector you’re working in, there are some skills that will help you get any job.

Whether you work in engineering or not, the following skills are universally usefully, and universally sought after.

These 5 Skills Will Help You Get Any Job


The ability to adapt to changes will help you in any role you go for, so it’s no surprise that this is the most in-demand skill that UK employers are looking for.

Demonstrate how adaptable you are by including the different elements of your past roles on your CV, and by listing how you’ve handled new challenges when you get to interview.

Anytime you’ve had to take on a new responsibility, or deal with an unexpected problem, you’ve adapted. This is invaluable to businesses of any kind, as a flexible workforce allows teams to handle problems proactively and effectively.


The world of work is becoming more and more demanding. More pressure is being placed on workers who may have to juggle multiple roles or responsibilities.

You can prove your resilience by explaining how you overcame challenges at your previous roles, or came up against problems that slowed you down, but didn’t stop you. It could be working on a difficult project, having to take on extra work, or facing unexpected setbacks.

Demonstrating that you are resilient, and that you can handle stress, will make you a valuable addition to any team, immediately making you more employable.

A Willingness To Upskill

Similar to adaptability, one of the most important skills for any employee is to be constantly improving. Learning new skills will keep you employable as markets and roles change over time.

Upskilling is even more important for engineers, as there is currently a massive skills shortage in the industry. Learning to work with the latest technology and newest systems will ensure engineers can stay at the forefront of their field.

In other roles, upskilling to learn skills outside your core skillset will mark you out as a talented employee who is dedicated to their role. It will also help you throughout your career, giving you the necessary skills to progress to new roles and rise up the career ladder.

Work-Life Balance

Having the ability to balance your work and your personal life is becoming a more important skill in the age of 24/7 work.

We’re seeing increases in burnout cases, as people struggle to ‘switch off’, working around the clock. This leads to increased stress, poor mental health, and worse performance, and isn’t sustainable.

Smart businesses are now prioritising a healthier work-life balance, encouraging employees to take time for themselves. But this is only possible if those employees have the ‘skill’ to switch off. Many employees are now so used to working longer hours that they are unable to fully relax.

It’s certainly a skill worth cultivating to be able to stop working, relax, and enjoy your life outside of work.


Lastly, the ability to meet people and network is crucial to helping you get a new job.

Candidates with a strong Linkedin presence are immediately more attractive to businesses, as they have a larger network in which to spread messages and potentially gain new business.

But this can also help you move along your career, helping you forge connections and find new jobs in the future.

All these skills make you a more rounded employee, and can help you find new jobs as you move up your career ladder.

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