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The Best Electric Cars of 2021

  • by: Adam Coath
  • On: 1, Mar 2021
5 min read

With leading economists predicting that the coronavirus pandemic will leave lasting scarring across all industries, the Automotive market was hit harder than many by the downturn in productivity and investment in 2020. Formula One and other motorsport races were cancelled and postponed for months at a time, new product launches were delayed, planned investment was shelved and thousands of those working in the sector were made redundant or lost work contracts.

The coming year signals a new dawn for Auto manufacturers and the market as a whole. Social distancing requirements and fundamental changes to the way we live and work have heightened personal car use. Global CO2 targets and benevolent consumer interests are driving the growth of sustainable transport, and Deloitte predicts that the global electric vehicles market will achieve a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29% up to 2030, delivering 31.1million sales.

Here are the seven most innovative new electric cars to purchase or become involved in working with this year.


7 Best Electric Vehicles to Be Launched in 2021

1. Jaguar I-Pace

Tata Motors are leading the way in sustainable vehicle manufacturing, with their public commitment to transform Jaguar Land Rover into a net-zero carbon business. In the coming decade, Jaguar Landrover will only use electric architecture to build new car models, and transition to clean hydrogen fuel-cell power rather than oil.

The brand’s newest offering, the Jaguar I-Pace, can travel the furthest distance ever recorded of all electric vehicles (EV). The I-Pace can run for over 250miles on a battery charge in any weather and terrain condition. The battery life not does mean compromising on performance, with the car capable of high speeds and an enjoyable driving experience.


2. Tesla Model 3

Auto enthusiasts and the eco-aware are often priced out of their ideal vehicles, however the game is slowly changing for EV fans. At around £43,000, the Model 3 is Founder and CEO Elon Musk’s most affordable car yet. (Although not exactly cheap, the Model 3 is in stark contrast to the brand’s most expensive option, the Model S Plaid, which can be configured up to £110,000.) 

The latest Tesla has been reviewed as ‘fun to drive, packed full of tech, fast (ridiculously so in Performance guise) and surprisingly practical. Factor in a competitive price, especially given its sheer pace, and it’s not only the best all-round electric car on sale today, but one of the best choices full stop.’ As a practical option, the Tesla Model 3 has a long range between charges and is quick to fire back up in as little as 15 minutes with the 20,000-strong Tesla ‘Supercharger network’ located across the globe.


3. Audi Polestar 2

A joint venture by Swedish brand Volvo and Chinese challenger Geely, the Polestar 2 is reminiscent of quality German Audi engineering with a layer of new innovation. Despite weighing over two tonnes, the model is superfast due to 400bhp split equally across both front and rear axles. The superior height of the vehicle enables optimum battery cooling and therefore optimum battery use, and empowers a widescreen view and panoramic (not to mention safer) driving experience.

The Polestar 2 aims to take on established leader Tesla by creating a two-wheel drive version with a smaller battery, to bring costs down by 25%, The Polestar of the future could bridge the gap between affordable and desirable, eliminating the need for auto enthusiasts to choose between budget and driving experience ever again.

Top Gear’s glowing review reads: “We love the Polestar 2 because it’s handsome and there’s a real sense of common sense about the car – that it’s been designed to work seamlessly, not to wow you with gimmicks then wind you up further down the line.”


4. Porsche Taycan

The German automaker are proud to maintain their heritage and innovation raison d’etre over a 70-year history, with future-focused updates in every new launch. The latest Porsche model aims to prioritise performance by delivering a top speed of 143mph and improved aerodynamics, thanks to a doubly-powerful volt battery technology that involves smaller cross-sections and reduces weight. The driving experience is fully customisable, with an adjustable all-wheel drive that can be switched to efficiency or dynamic mode.


5. Kia E-Nero

Recent years have seen Automakers increasingly seek to understand different groups of customers and their diverse needs, and respond accordingly through design and manufacturing. South Korean manufacturer Kia’s latest offering proves that safety and comfort for your family and children needn’t be compromised for the latest technology.

The Kia E-Nero provides real-world range and family-friendly usability at an affordable price for families of all ages and sizes. The vehicle is spacious with plenty of room for multiple passengers and luggage, and its 64kWh battery pack enables it to comfortably travel 230 miles on a single charge. Drivers will also be happy with a smooth driving experience.


6. BMW iX3

An electric version of the current BMW X3, the global Auto brand’s newest model is also now its best-selling model, gaining the approval of BMW fans and new customers alike.

The mid-size on-road SUV doesn’t compromise power for sustainability. An 80kWh battery lasts for 285 miles, powering the 282bhp motor driving the rear wheels. The iX3 uses the same body, chassis and interior as the petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid X3 models – the best of all worlds.


7. Renault Zoe 

Renault’s Zoe is one of the best small electric cars available on the market today. Starting from as little as £27,000, the Zoe is practical and safe, and perhaps surprisingly, offers a maximum range that far outstrips many larger competitors. The Zoe offers up to 245 miles of range – far more economical and efficient than many more expensive models – and the ability to recharge in just over an hour. The seasoned manufacturers continuous investment and upgrades have delivered innovative new developments that are all contained in the Zoe, culminating in a practical, sustainable and affordable EV choice for 2021.


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