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The Australian Grand Prix: History and Facts

Posted by Amandine Foucher on Mar 15, 2019 11:02:17 AM

As the 2019 Grand Prix kicks off in Australia, VHR’s Motorsport recruitment experts look back on where it all began.


Historical Background of the Grand Prix

Melbourne has hosted the Australian Grand Prix since 1966 at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Located in Albert’s Park, the temporary circuit is assembled before the race and disassembled after, since the rest of the year it serves as a local recreational park.

This year the race will take place on March 14th–17th, 2019.


The Race in Numbers:

Australian Grand Prix FactsThe Australian Grand prix includes:

· -300 000 spectators

· $50m AUD per annum

· 290 000 men are needed to assemble the circuit


The Australian Grand Prix is set to remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2023, after a new contract was signed in 2015.


Australian Grand Prix Facts:

· Michael Schumacher scored four wins at the Albert’s Park circuit

· Not a single Australian driver has ever finished on the podium of this Grand Prix. The best place achieved by an Australian driver is 4thposition

· The 2012 Australian Grand Prix was the first F1 race to feature six active World Champions competing

· Danish driver Kevin Magnussen finished second in Australia in 2014 on his debut race. This remains his best result and his only podium finish to date.


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