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Team Turn the Tide on Plastic: Volvo Ocean Race Competitors and Marine Sustainability

  • by: Ryan Abbot
  • On: 24, Nov 2017
2 min read

This year’s Volvo Ocean Race is not only about competition, but also highlights sustainability and environmental concerns in the Marine industry. Volvo Ocean Race Team Turn the Tide on Plastic spearheads an ecological initiative to against the 8 million tonnes of plastic in the ocean.

Turn the Tide on Plastic aims to advance the United Nations’ Clean Seas Campaign. With over 3 million visitors attending the Volvo Ocean Race, the Clean Seas Campaign will reach a greater audience than ever before – and the racing team are determined to take a top spot.

Team Turn the Tide on Plastic: British Sailing Champions

Promoting marine sustainability, Team Turn the Tide on Plastic is led by British sailing champion Dee Caffari, the only female skipper in the race. Caffari was the first woman to solo-sail around the world in both directions. With two Volvo Ocean Races under her arm, Australian sailor Liz Wardley was chosen as Caffari’s right-hand woman.

Team Turn the Tide on Plastic promote inclusivity as well as sustainability. The crew boasts 9 different nationalities and a perfectly balanced gender-split – the only Volvo Ocean Race team to opt for the 50-50 split.

Encountering difficulties in the race thus far, the team hit strong winds on the way to Cape Town that pushed them West. Recovering from the challenge, the team are determined to surprise spectators and finish in a strong position.

New Marine Partnerships: Sky News Ocean Rescue Campaign

Sky Ocean Rescue is a campaign launched by UK multimedia organisation Sky News to fight against the 8million tonnes of plastic contaminating the ocean. Aiming to amplify the message of Marine sustainability, Sky Ocean Rescue is partnering with Team Turn the Tide on Plastic for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018.

With teams racing in some of the remotest waters on the planet, Team Turn the Tide on Plastic uses equipment to gather data about water quality and micro-plastics in the ocean. This technology will send information covering 45,000 nautical miles of water from four oceans, revealing the extent of the problem and provoking an action plan to improve Marine sustainability.

Driven by Sky News coverage and the environmental revelations discovered throughout the Volvo Ocean Race, the sustainability initiative could revolutionise boat racing across the world.

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