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2 min read

3 Growing Jobs in The Marine Industry

The Marine sector is hugely important to support British infrastructure and the economy. Marine employment, productivity, and turnover have all increased over the last five years.

3 min read

How the Marine Industry Is Helping Disaster Aid

As global warming increases, we’re beginning to see more natural disasters. As the ice caps melt, sea levels rise. The warmer weather also has an impact on the water cycle, increasing the volume of wa...

2 min read

What the Ritz-Carlton Cruise Ships Mean for the Marine Industry

Last year the Ritz-Carlton Hotel revealed plans for a luxury cruise line to set sail in 2020. Three 298-passenger ships are due to be built with the aim of dominating the world of luxury travel. The n...

3 min read

8 Women Who Made Marine History

The arts of shipbuilding and sailing have been around for thousands of years, but both have been traditionally dominated by men. Women have of course been on ships as long as men have, often in secret...

2 min read

Marine Plastic Pollution: Marine Industry Emergency

The impact of plastic pollution in the sea is of major global concern and is fast becoming a Marine industry emergency – here’s how business leaders can improve Marine sustainability.

Skills You Need to Work in the Marine Industry

What skills do candidates need to work in the Marine industry and how can a candidate’s skill-set be transitional across engineering industries?

2 min read

The Seabin Project: An Innovation In Marine Sustainability

As tons of plastic enters the ocean every year, the new Australian-based Seabin Project aims to catch water bottles, plastic bags and other debris before it ever reaches the water – here’s how the Sea...

4 Reasons to Focus On Marine Sustainability

VHR’s team of Marine recruitment specialists are passionate about continually improving the Marine industry by providing engineering jobs and high-quality skills to the sector globally, and by helping...

3 min read

7 Reasons to Work in Finland

This Nordic country has many amazing job opportunities, beautiful scenery and an enjoyable way of life.

How Hybrid Solutions Are Reducing The Environmental Impact Of The Marine Industry

With an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic littering the ocean, Marine Sustainability is top of the industry’s agenda.

Marine Technology: Biometric Data Empowering Sailors

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of the unique physical and behavioural characteristics of individuals. The growth of biometrics has led to fantastic changes in sport by allowing...

Women in Marine: The Magenta Project

The Magenta Project, led by female Volvo Ocean Race sailing champions is driving opportunities for women in the marine industry – here’s how they’re succeeding.