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3 min read

Is The W Series A Good Idea?

News that Formula One is set to start a new women-only racing championship in 2019 has received mixed reviews. The race will feature 20 of the world’s top female racers competing for a £1.15million pr...

2 min read

Formula One’s Best Moments in 2018

2018 has had some incredible ups and downs for Formula One, with favourites Vettel and Hamilton battling it out for first place. Both are going for their fifth championship, so there’s everything to p...

3 min read

5 Ways Aston Martin Dominates the Automotive Market

Two years ago, Aston Martin announced 300 redundancies and a £35.9 million loss. Today Aston Martin is worth over £4 billion, having enjoyed the biggest period of growth in its 100+ year history. So h...

2 min read

How A No-Deal Brexit Would Impact the Automotive Industry

With the future of Brexit still uncertain at the time of writing, many are wondering what a no-deal Brexit would mean for some of our key industries. The Motoring and Automotive industry is one of the...

How Safe Are Driverless Cars?

As autonomous technology becomes more commonplace, driverless cars will soon become a reality in our everyday lives, with completely autonomous cars and taxis expected to roll out next year. But how s...

4 min read

Best F1 Teams of All Time

What are the best F1 teams of all time and why have they made the top 5 list?

3 Ways Technology is Changing the Automotive Industry

The future of automotive technology will see exciting innovations. Here’s how the Automotive Industry is already benefiting from technological advantages in vehicle manufacturing and operations.

2 min read

The Best Moments in Grand Prix History

The 5 Best Moments in Grand Prix History 5. British Grand Prix, 1926 Held in a variety of different countries over multiple decades, the Grand Prix world championship series began in 1894 and one of t...

3 min read

5 Reasons to Work in Formula 1

Formula One is one of the most popular industries around the world, being the most-watched motor racing sport globally with 525 million viewers. Today, the prestigious motor racing sport is the fastes...

4 Ways to Increase Autonomous Testing Efficiencies

Demand in the Automotive AI market has soared by 39% and is predicted to create an industry worth $10.8 billion by 2025, but long testing processes and lack of available testing facilities are hinderi...

Autonomous Skills Shortage: Urgent Need for Software Engineers

The past 12 months have seen unprecedented development in autonomous vehicles manufacturing, and driverless cars in particular: the UK Government plans to launch driverless cars onto the roads in 2021...

6 Automotive Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch

The safety of driverless cars, cutting edge designs, and disruption to the way we travel – unprecedented advances in technology are taking the Automotive industry to new, exciting and sometimes contro...