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2 min read

Are Electric Vehicles the Answer to the Transport Problem?

There are over a billion cars on the roads today. Current predictions expect almost four billion cars on the road by 2030. Global pollution levels from cars has already reached critical levels, and th...

2 min read

How F1’s Timing Tech Works (And Why It’s Important)

F1 is the fastest motorsport on the planet. Formula One cars move faster than 200 mph, accelerating to 60mph in under 2 seconds, generating around 1000 horsepower.

2 min read

What Is the Bloodhound Supercar and How Does It Work?

Supercars are high-powered vehicles capable of travelling far faster than traditional models.

2 min read

What It’s Like to Be A Rally Engineer

Rally Engineers work on some of the most impressive vehicles on the planet, completing complex diagnostics, tune-ups and repairs in sometimes as little as half an hour. The equivalent level and qualit...

3 min read

How Car Design Has Changed Since the Turn of The Century

Technology has changed almost every area of our lives in the past 100 years. Wireless connectivity, the internet, smartphones, apps: everything has been made more efficient. This has of course extende...

2 min read

5 Predictions About the Future of Motorsport

New Motorsport technology means vehicles are becoming faster, stronger and more efficient. Races are more accessible thanks to multiple viewing platforms and on-demand services.

2 min read

What Is Formula E and What Does It Mean For Formula One?

What is Formula E? Formula E has grown in popularity over recent years since its uncertain beginnings in 2014. The green alternative to Formula One, the cars run entirely on electric engines. This mea...

3 min read

Why the Sound of Formula One Is So Important

Formula One is famous for its spectacle. Since it began in 1950, F1 racing has utilised cutting edge technology to make motorsport races exciting, visceral and utterly captivating. As one of the most ...

3 min read

How Strong is the UK Automotive Industry?

The Automotive industry is one of the largest, most competitive industries in the world. It’s worth over $1.7 trillion. Nearly 95 million cars were produced in 2016, and this number is rising all the ...

3 min read

What the Shift to Electrical Means for The Automotive Industry

Electric cars have been gaining in popularity for years, with more research, funding and development going into the batteries that power them. As the cost of fuel rises and it becomes increasingly har...

4 min read

Why the Automotive Industry Will Always Need Humans

Automation is causing disruption across all areas of manufacture. Reportedly 35% of jobs in the UK are at risk of being taken over by machines. That number almost doubles in developing countries. It’s...

What It’s Like to Work in Formula One?

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. To work in Formula One you have to be smart, fast, and focused. Breaking into the industry isn’t easy, and you need to be at the top of your game. Always aim...