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Women in Engineering: How 2018 Has Challenged Sexism in Engineering

Recently a scientist has attracted criticism for his sexist comments during a seminar at Cern, where he said that that ‘physics was built by men.’

Technical Industry Innovations of 2018

New technologies are emerging all the time, radically changing how technical industries do business. Technical innovation can often be the key to success, which is why it’s so important to stay ahead,...

How 20 Years of Google Has Changed Technology and Engineering

Billions of people use Google every single day. It is the biggest search engine in the world, the first port of call for almost any problem, and is so successful that its name became a verb. Thanks to...

How Engineering Will Change the World in 2019

The UK’s ‘Year of Engineering’ in 2018 aims to encourage more people to join the field to meet the growing demand for engineers. 

How to Recruit CNC Engineers

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) engineers are responsible for the programming of letters, numbers and symbols that automate machine operating processes. It’s an integral engineering career as CNC eng...

Reasons to Work in Engineering

Looking for a new career with a good salary and exciting opportunities? Here are our top 5 reasons to work in Engineering.  

4 Ways to Increase Autonomous Testing Efficiencies

Demand in the Automotive AI market has soared by 39% and is predicted to create an industry worth $10.8 billion by 2025, but long testing processes and lack of available testing facilities are hinderi...

International Women in Engineering Day 2018

As International Women in Engineering Day 2018 highlights the consistently low numbers of women in engineering, how can we attract and retain the skilled female engineers that are desperately needed t...

Top 5 Engineering Careers

Engineering is a varied field, with many different disciplines and skills being utilised. 

How Engineering Companies Can Get More Young People into Engineering

Why Do We Need To Get More Young People into Engineering?   In Q4 2017, 22% of UK engineering businesses listed skills shortages as their most important business challenge in the coming years. The Aer...

The Engineering Job Hunting Guide

Looking for a new job? Let VHR’s Job Hunting Guide help you take the next step in your engineering career.

How The Engineering Industry Can Solve The Composites Skills Shortage

The Composites Skills Shortage is leaving engineering businesses without vital skills at the technician level.