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Countries That Will Shape The Engineering Market in 2020

Engineering is the key to solving some of the biggest problems facing the planet right now. Global warming, food production, transport, pollution, all these require engineers to come up with creative ...

History of Engineering: The Wheel

The wheel is frequently cited as the most pivotal invention of mankind, allowing for further travel, the transportation of goods, and eventually motorsport.

Historical Figures In Engineering: Edith Clarke

Edith Clarke was one of the first female electrical engineers, whose work would provide instrumental in revolutionising the US telephone system, saving lives through her engineering work in World War ...

Is China Set to Be An Engineering Superpower?

For decades China has been fostering a culture of engineering to propel the country’s economy. While the UK is suffering a drastic shortage of engineers, China has been steadily building the next gene...

Upcoming Engineering Developments In 2019

The last ten years have seen fantastic developments in technology and engineering, giving way to inventions we could scarcely have imagined just a short time ago. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, ...

New Skills Engineers Will Need In 2020

The world is changing, technology is now intimately involved in almost everything we do, and engineers are at the forefront of designing, implementing, and improving the world we live in.

Historical Figures in Engineering: Ada Lovelace

Who was Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician in the 19th century, who has since been called the first computer programmer.

What LinkedIn’s 25 Most Popular Jobs of 2018 Mean for Engineering

LinkedIn has reported a large increase in applications to the technology sector this year, largely due to the increasing popularity of data-driven analysis, communications and the need for in-house pr...

Best Industries for Engineering Careers

Many industries offer exciting engineering and technical careers:

3 Materials That Will Change Engineering

Engineering projects are only as good as the materials used. Thanks to advances in material engineering, new compounds and structures are being developed that allow for fantastic new applications and ...

How Quantum Technology Will Change Engineering

Technology is changing and becoming more powerful all the time. The phone in your pocket couldn’t have existed ten years ago, there are cars that can drive themselves, ports that can communicate with ...

How to Address the Engineering Shortage

It’s no secret that the UK has been suffering from an engineering skills shortage for years. The UK needs to produce 180,000 more skilled engineering recruits a year just to meet demand at the current...