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What Makes Air Force One Special?

What is Air Force One? Air Force One is the modified plane flown in by the President of the United States of America. It has been featured in countless films and TV shows and is intrinsically linked t...

Aviation Recruitment Post-Brexit

With many areas of UK trade with Europe, the key question is whether a customs deal will be reached, preventing UK industries falling back on World Trade Organisation tariffs or agreements.

Why Flight Is Still Crucial to Businesses in The Digital Age

The digital age we live in allows for instant communication on a mass scale. When you can be in a meeting in Australia in the morning, have a conference call with your clients in Germany in the aftern...

5 Aviation Trends to Watch

2018 has been a big year for Aviation. The previous year was the safest in commercial airline history, and technological advancements are looking to make the industry even safer, smoother and more eff...

Why The Red Arrows Are Vital To Global Aerospace & Aviation

What are the Red Arrows? Formed in 1965, the Red Arrows were originally different display teams (The Red Pelicans and The Black Arrows) combined into one, bringing the best parts of each: aerial prowe...

What Brexit Means for Aircraft Engineers

Brexit has created upheaval and uncertainty in virtually every sector, every field, and every profession since the EU referendum result. For work that relies on smooth movement between countries, Brex...

How 100 Years of the RAF Changed Aviation

As the Royal Air Force celebrates its 100th Anniversary, we look at how the RAF has shaped Aviation in the past century.

Interview With Red Arrows Squadron Leader Dominic Riley

VHR reveals the career successes of Red Arrows Squadron Leader Dominic Riley ahead of his headline speaker role at VHR’s latest event, Inside the Red Arrows.

100 Years of the Royal Air Force

2018 marks the Centenary of the Royal Air Force. We reveal the importance of the Royal Air Force to global Aerospace and Aviation innovation.

What The Latest Aerospace Technology Means For The Industry

What does upcoming technology hold for the Aerospace sector?  

How To Address The Shortage of B747 Engineers

Demand for B747 Engineers is at an all-time high, with Aviation industry leaders facing a significant skills shortage in the coming years.

The Best Aircraft of 2018 (So Far)

This year’s Farnborough International Air Show attracted thousands of industry leaders to witness the unveiling of new aircraft and the sealing of unprecedented Aerospace & Aviation business deals...