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10 Best Superyacht Concepts

  • by: Dale Fisher
  • On: 21, May 2018
4 min read

Superyacht designers are a huge part of the innovation in the Marine industry, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We take a look at some of the most innovative and daring designs of the last decade. 

10 Of The Greatest Superyachts Of The Last Decade:

10. The Streets of Monaco

Designer: Nigel Gee

Design Year: 2011

Starting the list of best superyacht concepts might be the world’ most absurd yacht design. The world of mega yachts is known for its excess, however this British yacht design concept is even larger than Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's 557-foot Eclipse. The Streets of Monanco superyacht was modeled after the glamorous Mediterranean city-state of Monaco and features exhaustive replicas of landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris, as well as a beach-like swimming pool. The megayacht design offers a floating mini-city and is estimated to cost over $1billion to create.


Designer: Stefano Pastrovich 

Design Year: 2015

For Monaco-based designer Stefano Pastrovich, the hangar is part of the everyday life of the yacht owner: quad, bikes, jeeps or motorbikes can be held in storage and driven directly from the sea to the land, and the inflatable and modular jetty simplifies travel for the modern explorer. The X-Kid Stuff superyacht was designed as a true exploration vessel that can sail anywhere in the world, coping with hot and cold climates and capable of operating in the most adverse weather conditions.

8. Star

Designer: Nigel Gee

Design Year: 2014

Next on the list is a second entry for designer Nigel Gee. Shaped like the top half of a star, the Star superyacht provides access across eight decks to offer an incredible view. The 32-metre superyacht is taller than many yachts are long, measuring nearly 60 metres from the water to the top of the point, subverting traditional yacht design and pleasantly surprising those working in the Marine industry and superyacht fans everywhere.

7. neWWave

Designer: Jaehoon Ahn

Design Year: 2017

Inspired by Middle Eastern architecture, the 87-metre neWWave yacht is made of aluminum and glass to create interesting shadows. The concept superyacht represents the symbol of wealth and luxury and aims to provide a five-star floating hotel experience. Designer Jaehoon Ahn challenged himself to accomplish a higher ceiling height with a higher profile whilst also producing one of the most beautiful superyachts in the world.

6. Origami 

Designer: George Lucian

Design Year: 2017

The Origami sailboat yacht is designed for a futurist owner. Created by Monaco-based yacht designer George Lucian, the Origami is a revolution in terms of design, technology and environment. The 100-metre superyacht’s paper-weight structure stands in stark contrast with its significant dimensions, making Origami one of the best superyacht concepts in the world.

5. Eco Catamaran

Designer: René Gabrielli

Design Year: 2016

René Gabrielli experimented with a combination of luxury and ecology to present one of the most beautiful yachts in the world. The designer divided up various elements in his Eco Catamaran concept to save energy and drive the power and popularity of sustainability in the Marine industry.

The Eco Catamaran is powered by electric turbines and lithium batteries, which will continuously charge thanks to solar panels covering one third of the yacht’s surface. The concept combines solar power with wind energy harnessed by telescoping sails to become one of the most ambitious yacht projects.

4. Stiletto

Designer: Ken Freivokh

Design Year: 2015

Fourth on the list of best superyacht concepts is the Stiletto superyacht. Presented as a rule-breaker, the Stiletto was built with accommodation for 18 people and fully utilizes outdoor deck space to provide a luxury home on the water. This floating paradise is fully equipped with a two-storey lounge, a helipad, a glass lift and two swimming pools.

3. Mauna Kea

Designer: Roberto Curtó

Design Year: 2017

In collaboration with the naval architect Mario Grasso of Navirex, Roberto Curtó designed an innovative and practical yacht in the Mauna Kea. Italian yacht designer Curtó, who has designed over 60 yachts for shipyards across the world, was inspired to create his largest yacht to date by the dormant volcano in Hawaii. The Mauna Kea volcano stands 4,207 m (13,802 ft) above sea level, and its peak marks the highest point in the state of Hawaii.

2. Elyon

Designers: Demetrius and Dana Tanase

Design Year: 2018

Just missing out on the top spot of best superyacht concepts is one of the newest yacht designs. The Elyon superyacht spans 110 metres in length and was designed to accommodate up to 30 passengers. Its clean design and wide-open spaces offer a sensation of space and freedom. This futuristic and beautiful yacht concept is still looking for an enthusiast buyer.

1. Black Swan

Designer: Timur Bozca

Design Year: 2016

The Black Swan superyacht was designed by the innovative Timur Bozca, who is also the creator of the Isurus Power Yacht and Cauta Super Sailing Yacht, and responsible for automotive designs such as the Bugatti Lucifer and Rolls Royce Phantom TB Gold Edition. The number one best superyacht concept mixes luxury and style with technology to provide a unique experience of travelling the world.

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