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Superyacht Cup Palma 2019 Roundup

  • by: Ryan Abbot
  • On: 25, Jun 2019
2 min read

The Superyacht Cup Palma has come to an exciting close, with WinWin claiming overall victory in 2019.

Results of The Superyacht Cup Palma 2019

Europe’s longest running superyacht regatta was truly exciting, with dramatic highs and lows. WinWin won the Class A category, Topaz won Class B despite a different boat winning each race of the class. Class C was won by Bequia.

Why WinWin Won:

The 33-metre Baltic superyacht WinWin won in 2016, and has now claimed another victory. The yacht won each race in its class, and managed to win the final race of Class A by a margin of just 33 seconds.

Designed by Javier Jaudenes, who has previous experience in the world of yacht racing, the 108ft cruiser/racer hybrid brings the best of both worlds, designed specifically for winning regattas. It represents the pinnacle of design and technology, optimized for speed without the need for a large crew. Thanks to lightweight carbon, the weight was kept as light as possible, weighing only 47 tonnes without the keel which massively reduces drag.

Why Topaz Won:

Edging just a single point above the closest rival allowed Topaz to take the overall victory for Class B.

The hull designs originate from drawings from Frank Paine in 1937, designed as a Super J for the America’s Cup. Although the original design was never built, it has since been improved upon and updated for modern races while still retaining some 30’s class.

Designed by Holland Jachtbouw and delivered in 2015, this yacht was optimised to work under the J Class Association handicap, with a highest keel aspect ratio to remain competitive. The mast position, sail area, and hull were all extensively researched and painstakingly designed to ensure maximum success.

Why Bequia Won

Bequia has been on the water for over ten years, and comes with an experienced crew who were ready to race. Designed by Stephens Waring, the yacht has comfort as well as high-level performance capabilities.

The Superyacht Cup is one of the highlights of the marine calendar, with both sailors and fans calling it a great event they look forward to every year.

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