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Reasons to Work in Lithuania

  • by: Adam Coath
  • On: 21, Nov 2018
2 min read

More people than ever are emigrating to new countries to find work. With the critical engineering skills shortage, many businesses struggle are looking to other countries to find the skills they need, which is great news for candidates who want to work abroad. Here are the five best reasons to work in Lithuania.

Why Lithuania Is Great For Engineering

1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Lithuania is one of the lowest in Europe and on average 30% lower than in the United Kingdom, with rent being 50% cheaper. Moving to Lithuania, you’ll immediately notice the savings you’re making without any effort, meaning your paycheque will go much further. This means you can save money easily and effectively by working in Lithuania, generating savings two or three times as fast as you would working in other EU countries. There is a flat income tax, meaning tax revenue in Lithuania is one of the lowest in Europe.

2. Location: Centre of Europe

Located in the central mass of Europe, Lithuania is a great place to work as it allows for easy travel between other EU states. The oldest Baltic state, it shares a border with Poland, from which you can easily travel by land, air, or sea.

Want to work in Europe? Here’s our Guide to Working in Europe.

3. Lithuania’s History

Next on the list of reasons to work in Lithuania is its rich and varied history. Having been occupied by the Nazis in World War II and by the Soviets during the Cold War, Lithuania has a rich history to be explored. The first unified Lithuanian state was formed in 1253 by Mindaugas and became known as the Kingdom of Lithuania. It was one of the last pagan areas of Europe to accept Christianity, and you could still find pagan influences around the country.

4. Urban and Countryside Areas

Whether you prefer the city or the countryside, Lithuania has both. Its capital city of Vilnius has the highest concentration of expats and has much to see and do. Known for its historical Old Town, the city offers breath-taking gothic architecture, and you can see how Lithuania has changed over the centuries.

Lithuania’s countryside has many rivers and lakes, and people often spend summers travelling around the acres of pine forests.

5. A Hub for Science and Engineering

Since declaring itself an independent state in 1990, Lithuania has been making the transition from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy, focused on high added-value products and services. It’s now one of the leading European nations for biotechnology, communications and information technology. Most expats in Lithuania find themselves working in the information on engineering industries.

If you’re interested in working in Lithuania, read our guide to working in the EU, or get in touch with us today.

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