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Precision Engineering Skills Shortage: A Solution

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 18, Oct 2017
2 min read

The UK Engineering industry is faced with a chronic Precision Engineering skills shortage – but could the solution lie in a new method to attract Engineers?

Why The UK Engineering Industry Needs To Attract More Young People:

Engineering companies are vital to the growth and success of British business – the UK Engineering industry generates over 25% of annual GDP – but the sector is urgently lacking in skilled Engineers and Technicians, with the UK needing to train 1.8 million people by 2025 to fulfil labour demands.

Earlier this year 22% of UK Manufacturing and Engineering businesses put skills shortages at the top of their agenda; UK business is recognising its involvement in the Precision Engineering skills shortage, and its power to influence Engineering productivity and innovation in the coming decades. The UK government and Engineering businesses are steadily increasing their investment into Engineering careers, however greater action is needed to fast fill falling requirements.

How can The Government Get More People Into Engineering:

‘The solution to the Precision Engineering skills shortage lies in redefining the way that we recruit and attract Precision Engineering talent’, advises VHR’s Business Development Manager of Engineering Howard Wiley.

'Engineering companies in the UK are competing with each other over the Precision Engineering skills shortage, with talent simply moving from one business to another; technicians and businesses are missing out on invaluable opportunities for development. Companies can’t undercut their rivals forever – rather than simply fishing in the same ponds, Engineering companies can grow their own talent to harness the skills and capabilities required for their business.’

Many young people with the skills and aptitudes to match Precision Engineering are lost by the sector every year because they are not reached or encouraged in the right way. As our workforce becomes increasingly diverse, so do the ways in which we can reach and attract these widening talent pools.

Partnering with schools, colleges and universities to better market Engineering careers and transforming your recruitment strategy in response are the beginning of the solution to the Precision Engineering skills shortage. However, understanding the motivations and career goals of Engineers themselves will be the ultimate solution.

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