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2 min read

Women in Marine: Isabelle Autissier

A record-breaker who has sailed around the world four times, Isabelle Autissier is a French sailor, writer, agronomist and environmental activist.

3 min read

Little Miss Inventor: Inspiring Girls into STEM Subjects

The consistently low numbers of women in engineering are hindering the advancement of an industry that relies on innovation. Could the answer to the question of ‘How can we attract and retain female e...

3 min read

Marine Safety: The Clipper Round the World Race Fatalities

Lasting 11 months and covering 45,000 nautical miles, the Clipper Round the World Race is a sailing competition like no other. An exciting race, it has been met with controversy, as tragic events prom...

2 min read

How Will the 2017 UK Budget Affect the UK Engineering Industry?

The UK’s 2017 Autumn Budget was announced earlier this week, stirring controversy with particular revelations and sparking hope for some sectors.   How Will the 2017 Autumn Budget Affect the UK Engine...

2 min read

Women in Marine: Sara Hastreiter

What inspired a young girl from the mountains of South Dakota to become a competitor of the most challenging offshore race in the world? VHR profiles Volvo Ocean Race sailor Sara Hastreiter on her sai...

2 min read

Team Turn the Tide on Plastic: Volvo Ocean Race Competitors and Marine Sustainability

This year’s Volvo Ocean Race is not only about competition, but also highlights sustainability and environmental concerns in the Marine industry. Volvo Ocean Race Team Turn the Tide on Plastic spearhe...

Superyacht Report: Top 3 Superyacht Trends of November

Following the 2008 financial crisis, superyachts were expected to sink. The most pessimistic predicted the early-2000s boom in yacht sales would never return – however, with the fast recovery of the S...

2 min read

America's Cup Class AC75 Boat Concept Revealed

VHR are excited to see the launch of the new America’s Cup Class AC75.

2 min read

How Formula E is Changing Professional Motorsport

Last week saw the release of Tesla's new electric vehicles as well as VHR's attendance at the Professional Motorsport World Expo. Controversial new Formula One engine rule changes sparked debate over ...

2 min read

Working in Recruitment: Expectation vs Reality

What’s it like to work in recruitment? Our Development Coach Ben Shorter reveals the secrets of the recruitment industry.

7 Reasons to Work in Recruitment: Start your Recruitment Career

A career in recruitment presents a fantastic opportunity for a variety of backgrounds.

3 min read

Historical Figures In Engineering: Nikola Tesla

  Born in a Serbian village, Tesla changed the world forever with his Alternating Current (AC), bringing electricity and light to all corners of the Earth. He established the essential frame for elect...