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New 3D Printing Techniques Could Change Engineering

Why 3D Printing Is So Important For Engineering: 3D printing is important for engineering as it allows parts to be manufactured on site, to exact specifications. It’s now possible for engineering firm...

3 min read

Guide to Working in Dubai

Want to work in a country that’s known for luxury and plenty of job opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Dubai.

2 min read

Electric Cars Are Missing One Key Component

Because of their lack of combustion engines, electric vehicles run far more quietly than traditional petrol cars. Initially this was considered just another benefit of the coming widespread shift to e...

What China’s EAST Fusion Reactor Means For The Energy Market

Nuclear fusion is the reaction that occurs at the heart of the sun, generating potentially limitless amounts of energy. It works by combining two lightweight atoms into a single, larger one. When this...

2 min read

Is Hyundai’s Project Elevate The Future Of Car Design?

Cars have, for as long as they’ve existed, had wheels. Wheels are efficient, reliable, and allow vehicles to move at speed.

Historical Figures In Engineering: Abbas Ibn Firnas

Humans have been flying for over a hundred years, thanks to the invention of the first airplane by the Wright Brothers in 1903. However, one engineer managed to achieve heavier-than-air flight a thous...

Will The US Space Force Ever Exist?

President Trump announced the creation of a US Space Force months ago, to immediate ridicule. Despite this, the Trump administration expects the space force will be up and running by 2020.

2 min read

Why Electric Cars Are Getting Lighter

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the quality of their vehicles in different ways, whether through a more competitive price, better security, more attractive design, or improved energ...

2 min read

How Technology is Changing The Oil Industry

All businesses need to be as efficient as possible to maximise profits. The oil industry is no different, and has turned to technology to help them inspect rigs without the risk of human oversight or ...

How To Get More Engineers Into Aviation

Those working in the aviation industry have known for some time that there is a skills shortage that will soon threaten the viability of the sector’s continuing profitability. The International Civil ...

4 min read

Guide to Working in Ireland

Want to work in one of the largest and most famous islands in the world?

3 min read

How Autonomous Ships Can Reduce Traffic (And Why That Matters)

The autonomous ship market is expected to be worth $13.8 billion by 2030. Global trade and transportation by shipping is growing, and responsible for an increasing demand for autonomous technology.