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2 min read

Why Recruitment Is Vital For The Aerospace Industry

The demand for good engineering candidates in the aerospace sector is growing every year. With the increasing number of orders and the current production rate it could take years for aerospace compani...

Blue Abyss Founder John Vickers On Future Of UK Space Industry

It is famously difficult to become an astronaut. Astronauts must be at the peak of physical fitness, have studied for years to be fully qualified, and be mentally prepared for the hardship of living a...

How Viper Grinding Changed The Aerospace Industry

Very Impressive Performance Extreme Removal (VIPER) grinding was introduced into the production and manufacturing industry in the late 1990s, designed as a replacement for creep-feed grinding of nicke...

Why Is Teamwork So Important To VHR?

Teamwork is a vital part of any successful business. Bringing together people with different skills, backgrounds, and areas of expertise allows for a business to grow into new areas, and provide a hig...

3 min read

Guide to Working in Taiwan

Want to work in a country that’s full of vibrant Asian history, unique culture and brilliant travel opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Taiwan.

What The Aviation Industry Should Learn From Boeing

Boeing’s grounding of its entire fleet of 371 737 MAX airliners made headlines recently, and brought with it a drop in share prices.

3 Ways Robotics Will Change in 2020

The field of robotics has changed dramatically over the last ten years, with advances in AI bringing massive boosts in capabilities and learning, upgrades to memory allowing for more sophisticated sys...

2 min read

What Makes VHR An International Company?

While many recruitment companies work around the world, few of them have a truly global presence. VHR is an international recruitment company that utilises the skills and languages of our employees to...

3 min read

Guide to Working in France

Want to work in a country that’s full of history, culture and amazing travel opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in France.

4 min read

The Future Of Spanish Metalwork (Also In Spanish)

Llamando a todos los trabajadores de la industria metalúrgica española, ¿Dónde Estáis? La importancia de la industria del metal en Galicia Las industrias naval y metalúrgica en España han vivido una n...

2 min read

What Impact Could Brexit Have On British Automotive Manufacturing?

The UK’s decision to leave the EU was officially announced on June 23th 2016, yet there’s still no consensus on the impact Brexit will have on the UK automotive market. Whether a deal is reached or no...

2 min read

Why Diesel Sales Are Falling

Diesel sales around the world are falling at an unprecedented rate. The fuel source is steadily being phased out in favour of greener alternatives. Electric vehicles are changing the game for the auto...