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Myths About Being A Recruiter

  • by: Ian Preddy
  • On: 20, Mar 2019
3 min read

Recruitment is a big industry with a big reputation. Recruiters work hard, and are always striving to keep both clients and candidates happy. If you’re thinking of becoming a recruitment consultant, you may have heard stories about the workload, the culture, and the job itself that simply aren’t true.

You need people skills to work in recruitment, and an understanding of what candidates want on a personal level.

5 Myths About Recruitment:

  • You Need A Degree

You don’t need a degree to work in recruitment. VHR looks for ambitious, talented, and driven individuals, and does not specifically ask for any degree at any level. The VHR Academy was specifically designed to train up those with no degree and no recruitment experience and turn them into recruitment consultants over a three month period.

Many of our consultants came through the academy, and have gone on to enjoy great success, and even trained up new members of the team!

  • There’s No Work Life Balance

Many people think that recruiters are on the job 24/7. There are many recruiters who work extra time, but this is usually if they’re working for an international client, or are looking for candidates in other time zones.

Work Life Balance in Recruitment

Recruitment isn’t about staying in the office all night or over the weekend, it’s about working during the best times to get the best results. VHR’s flexi-time initiative means our recruitment consultants have more control over their working hours, and can decide for themselves when to get to work.

  • It’s A Dog Eat Dog Environment

At VHR, one of our core values is teamwork. Recruitment is a competitive field, but ultimately everyone is working towards the same goal. If one consultant does well and other does poorly, that’s evidence of a flawed system. If one consultant does well at the expense of another, there’s a toxic system that’s doomed to fail.

We’ve fostered a working culture where everyone helps each other, and this has meant the whole company has improved as a result.

  • It’s A Hire & Fire Mentality

Some recruitment agencies get a reputation for being tough on their consultants – and firing those who don’t stay on target. VHR aims to retain everyone we employ, particularly when recruiting for the Academy. We care more about the personal development of our employees, that’s why the majority of our consultants have been with the company for more than three years.

Every VHR employee is on a career progression path, that tracks their achievements and supports them in going after new goals. It helps our consultants develop their careers, and keep striving for the next challenge.

  • Recruiters Don’t Care About Their Candidates

Many people think of recruitment as just another sales job. But it isn’t. While normally there are targets to hit, recruitment consultants help people find jobs, better jobs than the ones they had before. They can help candidates climb the career ladder and improve their lives, and often will work with the same candidate over the years, helping them move from strength to strength.

Recruitment consultants understand what their candidates want, and they know how to help them get the very best jobs in their industries. Their role is to help others do better, and that’s why it’s such a rewarding career.

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