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Impacts of Robotic Automation on Formula 1 and Automotive Industry

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 15, Jun 2021
3 min read

The world is moving from manual work towards automatic work as it has been found that robotic automation is fast, accurate, and reliable. Robotics protect the employees in the industry from any type of risky, difficult, or dangerous tasks.

Robotic automation in the automotive industry can be installed for speeding up the manufacturing process as well as the rate of production. VHR’s F1 recruitment specialists look at how robotic automation is affecting the Formula One and Automotive Industry.


Automotive Automation in F1

 Formula 1 automobile manufacturers attempted to create a fully functional self-driving vehicle. There is no doubt that autonomous cars are already present in our lives with Advanced Driving Assisting Systems. Formula 1 cars are a pinnacle of automobile racing, and the best drivers around the world participate to race the most advanced open-cockpit cars ever built. 

In present years, F1 has become a double-tier competition with six cars only, which are built-up by three brands, including Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. The automatic process is being used by almost all of the manufacturers in the automotive industry, including:

  • Mobile robots 

  • Three-dimensional printers 

  • Robot manipulators

  • Object sorters 

  • Automated machine adjustments 

  • Robotic wheel loading 

Different technologies that are based on robotic automation, as well as AI (artificial intelligence), help us to make the processing more efficient, accurate, feasible, and stable.


Advancements in Automotive Assembly Stations

The automotive industry predominantly consists of assembly stations which include engine shop, welding shop, final assembly shop, and paint shop. Various autonomous robots are used in welding shops. They are used to weld different parts of an automobile. This process is pre-set in the algorithm of a robot which is used to analyze the metal. The robot welds it at a particular place without any error. Metal parts are then coated with the help of an anti-rusting material to make an automobile resistant to corrosion or rust. The Assembly line takes the materials into a tank, and a machine dips a part of it, making sure that the chemical is completely exposed to every corner of an automobile. Then the parts are painted well and are sent to final assembly stations where are all the components are assembled using robots. 


Advantages Of Robotic Automation

Robotic automation has many positive impacts on formula one cars and the automotive industry:

  • Autonomous vehicles have very high speeds and have a narrow width to keep the assembly line short. 

  • Formula one vehicles are stated to be safer when compared to standard vehicles.

  • The introduction of robotic automation has eliminated errors due to human distractions and tiredness. 

  • Wide operation ranges are made well-structured, making sure safety and accessibility and allowing the robots to keep the downtime at minimal levels. Challenging processes, for example, casting processes, have a lot of minor details and are very difficult to obtain from manual processes. However, robotic automation has made it easy for us to deal with difficult tasks. 

  • Dual-arm allows a robot to work at different movements simultaneously. 

  • The triple arm robotic concept has also been introduced as it is reliable and capable of performing different operations at an assembly line. 

  • It reduces labour which helps to save salaries, and these systems act as a cashback source. 

  • All of the formula one cars have been manufactured having a high degree of precision and accuracy without any dimensional errors. 


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