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How Using A Recruitment Company Can Help Your Business Hit Deadlines

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 12, Nov 2018
2 min read

Every business in the world has deadlines to hit. This can only be done with a qualified, motivated team who have the skills needed to deliver. Here’s how using a recruitment company can ensure your team is best equipped to meet deadlines, get results and grow your business.

How A Recruitment Company Can Help You Hit Deadlines:


1. A Recruitment Company Can Maintain Your Numbers

Increased turnover is one of the more unfortunate side effects of the digital age. Thanks to LinkedIn, people can find jobs easier than ever, apply for them at the touch of a button and have virtual interviews anywhere at any time thanks to smartphones.

A recruitment company can build a dedicated shortlist of candidates ready to step in if team members leave, reducing disruption of time and workloads. Keeping on top of projects reduces delays from replacement hires – technical recruitment specialists can ensure your business is one step ahead and replace vital resources almost as soon as a role is vacant.

2. You’ll Hire The Best People For The Job

A recruitment company that specialises in your industry will understand your needs and the nuances of the roles you’re looking to hire for, and hire candidates who are best suited to your company. Recruiters can find new hires who are better equipped to do the job, with a vast amount of experience in the field from years of similar work. One study reports that the combined cost of recruitment, training, and lost productivity can equal around £30,000. Gaining a new employee who can hit the ground running will make all the difference in the team’s success.

3. Recruitment Consultants Can Save You Time

Scrambling to hire new starters can take up a lot of valuable time. Going through CVs, calling candidates, initial interviews, follow up interviews, hiring meetings, inductions, training and implementation can take up entire days or weeks of time, while the team underperforms due to diminished capability. The best recruitment agencies will take over sourcing and candidate management throughout the whole recruitment process.

4. A Recruitment Company Can Reduce Your Turnover

Recruitment companies can reduce your turnover by hiring people who truly want to work in your industry. A dedicated recruitment agency will understand your business, the role you’re offering and what makes it a great opportunity for someone looking to develop their career. This will translate into a more motivated pool of applicants, people who understand what the job entails and how it will benefit them.

5. Recruitment Agencies Can Save You Money

Recruitment companies won’t receive their full fee until they secure and position a new candidate into your business, so you don’t have to allocate a large chunk of revenue towards employment straight away. A long-term partnership will ensure you hire the right people the first time around, who you can then retain and develop to add long-term value to your business, and reduce overall employee turnover and associated costs, which soon add up.

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