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How to Combat Bad Practice In The Recruitment Sector

  • by: Azem Hoti
  • On: 2, Jan 2019
2 min read

When done right, recruitment is a seamless process that provides real value both the company, and to the candidate being hired. Recruitment allows for high-volume hiring as well as more specialised searches for executives or specific skillsets.

Bad Practices In Recruitment:

Not Doing Background Research About The Candidate

It is standard industry practice to do as much research as possible on any candidates when recruiting for a position. Different jobs require different skills, and only by doing proper research can recruiters know who the best candidate for the position is.

Some recruitment agencies don’t do their due diligence when it comes to researching their candidates, opting for speed to impress the client. However, all this does is create more problems further down the recruitment process. It wastes the client’s time, the candidate’s time, and ultimately the recruiter’s time as well. By doing proper research, recruiters can learn more about the candidate, both in terms of their skillset and who they are as people.

A good fit isn’t just for the position, it’s for the company. Making sure someone fits in with the company culture is just as important as them being qualified for the job.

Not Doing Background Research Around The Position

If they’re recruiting for a highly technical field like aeronautics, the recruiter may not be an expert in every aspect of the role. However, they should understand what the job entails, what further prospects it will bring, and what technical skills and knowledge it will require.

Some recruiters simply do not do the proper amount of research into the role before calling people. They may not know how satisfied past or current workers are, how long the contract is likely to last, or whether the role will help their candidates progress on their own careers.

Sending A CV To The Client Without The Candidate’s Permission

Recruiters cannot send a candidate’s CV to the client without their permission. The information is the candidate’s own personal data, and so is protected. Recruiters must get the candidate’s consent before sending their CV on to the client, otherwise it is a violation of privacy.

Some recruitment companies send CVs on to their clients to impress them, or just to show they’re working. This can sometimes lead to mix-ups, or embarrassing moments where candidates are being put forward for jobs they’ve never heard of.

Good recruitment companies work closely with their candidates, building a relationship that is built on trust and respect. Maintaining good, consistent communication is one of the best things a recruitment company can do.

Long Periods Of Silence Or Inactivity

One of the worst things a recruiter can do is keep candidates in the dark about where they are in the process, or whether there are any jobs that might be of interest. Candidates may not know if they’re still working with the recruiter, if they should wait to hear more, or move on to work with someone else.

The best thing a recruiter can do is keep in touch semi-regularly, updating their candidate when there are any developments or new positions that they might want to go for.

The Recruiter Doesn’t Give Any Feedback After Interviews

Sadly most candidates will experience the disappointment of not getting a job at least once while using a recruitment agency. What should happen when candidates don’t get a job is the recruitment consultant gives them feedback from the client, and helps them improve for the next interview.

A good recruitment company can help build a candidate’s career, and provide lasting value for the clients they work for.

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