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How Recruitment Can Help You Get A Promotion

  • by: Ian Preddy
  • On: 10, Jan 2019
2 min read

Recruitment is a useful tool to start your career, and to find new jobs as and when you need them. But it can also be used to springboard your career to the next level. While in most roles you’ll be expected to work for long stretches without a promotion, recruitment can help you take a shortcut to the next level. Often recruitment clients will be recruiting for jobs at higher positions, jobs which may be inaccessible to you without an introduction.

A good recruitment agency can act as an ambassador for you, endorsing you to high-level clients for jobs and contracts you might never get otherwise. Engineering is all about the skills, training, and experience you have, but working with a recruitment company can give you an edge over others applying for the same role. Beyond that, it can help you develop, learn new skills, and make new connections that can help your engineering career.

How Recruitment Can Help Your Career:

The Recruitment Agency And The Client Have Worked Together Before

In engineering, you’re usually trained in one particular area, and you gain experience over time. This can mean slow progress from one level to the next, especially if you’re moving from employer to employer. Using a recruitment agency can move you to higher positions much faster.

Recruitment agencies work with their clients for years, building up relationships and earning trust. This is beneficial for their candidates as well, as it can build a bridge between them and the client. Through working with a client closely for years, the agency can learn what kind of candidates they take, who they keep on for further jobs, and the rationale behind who get promoted and who doesn’t.

The agency can pass this information on to you, coach you on how to rise up through the ranks, and get the most out of every opportunity.

The Recruitment Agency And You Have Worked Together Before

Once you sign on with a recruitment company that specialises in your industry, you can enjoy a steady stream of contract or permanent work that they find for you. Over time, your recruitment consultant will come to know you, your strengths, and where you want your career to progress to. This means they can start selecting jobs that move you forward in your career journey, and will only put you forward for roles that they know you want.

As you go from job to job, your recruitment agent will take direction from you about the kind of jobs you want, and can give you insider information about the industry and where it’s heading. With this in mind, you can make informed decisions about the shape you want your career to take, make inroads with other professionals, and earn valuable experience.

All this can give you a competitive edge other over engineers, get your name in front of decision makers, and climb the career ladder.

Learn more about how recruitment companies can help you get contract work, or read about bad practice in the recruitment sector and how to beat it.

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