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How Recruitment Can Help Reduce Staff Turnover (And Keep Your Workforce Happy)

  • by: Sunette Van Aarde
  • On: 20, Nov 2018
3 min read

High employee turnover is bad for business. You lose time, money and productivity in training new staff to replace those who have left, and your team can become demoralised, distracted and potentially disenfranchised by how fast people seem to come and go.

If your turnover remains high, your remaining staff will engage less with new starters, as they’ll be used to seeing people leave after just a few months, which reduces collaboration and can make your business a less attractive place to work. This in turn can trigger a domino effect of more people leaving, so it’s important to increase staff retention as soon as you can.

So how can you reduce employee turnover? A recruitment agency can help you attract and retain the best employees.

5 Reasons Using A Recruitment Company Will Reduce Staff Turnover

1. A Recruitment Company Will Know Your Company Culture

A recruitment company will quickly learn what your business does and how it does it. Understanding your company culture will ensure your recruitment partner knows not only what you’re looking for, but the kind of person you who will fit in with your team and help drive growth and success.

New hires who don’t fit in with your company culture will leave – no matter how good they are at their jobs and no matter how much they get paid. If your new hire is not moving in the same direction as everyone else, that will eventually lead to friction, which will lead to the employee’s premature departure.

A recruitment company can profile potential candidates not only on their skills and experience, but on who they are as a person, and can evaluate how suited they’ll be to working at your business. Recruitment agencies reduce staff turnover by avoiding a bad hire in the first instance.

2. Using A Recruitment Company Will Save You Time

The time between an employee leaving the business and their replacement starting can be months. In that time your productivity will be down, your team will be overworked to pick up the slack and the business might not be working as smoothly or as efficiently as it could. A recruitment company can drastically reduce the period of low productivity by proactively building a steady pipeline of strong candidates ready to interview for the vacant position. Because recruiters work with an ever-expanding network of jobseekers, recruitment agencies have large global talent pools for a vast range of jobs.

3. You’ll Hire People Suited to The Job

Hiring the most qualified candidates is vital to reducing employee turnover. If your new starter has the relevant experience and is capable right from the start of their new job, they’ll make a great impression and immediately start getting results. A strong start will help them settle in, and people who understand their role and know how to progress are far less likely to look for a job somewhere else. Recruitment companies increase staff retention by hiring the right person for the right role and providing excellent candidate care throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

4. New Hires Will Energise Your Existing Team

The right person joining a team can change its whole dynamic and bring new levels of energy. Employees with new ideas and a bit of initiative can revitalise broken processes and change the way things have always been done, increasing productivity and raising morale. Recruitment companies will identify candidates that have experience transforming previous teams – people who can implement positive change are brilliant additions to teams needing a boost.

5. Recruiters Ensure New Hires Are Transitioning Well

A truly exceptional recruitment company has a dedicated onboarding process designed to make new starters feel welcome and understand what is expected of them. VHR has a process of checking in with new candidates we’ve placed on site to see how they’re doing and protect both the welfare of the candidate and the brand and projects of the client. Recruitment agencies increase employee retention by providing an external point of contact that helps new starters feel heard and valued by encouraging a dialogue, which ultimately can foster greater understanding between a business and its employees.

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