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How Engineering Will Change the World in 2019

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 16, Aug 2018
2 min read

The UK’s ‘Year of Engineering’ in 2018 aims to encourage more people to join the field to meet the growing demand for engineers. 

Phenomenal engineering innovations over the past decade are helping to change the world we live in for the better. With an additional 79,000 engineering-related jobs expected to be created annually, advancements in engineering are set to revolutionise the way we live.

How Engineering Will Change the World in 2019:

· Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers are working hard to improve aircraft features such as emissions and fuel efficiency. Commercial airlines currently spend in excess of 25% of their operating expenses on fuel, meaning improvements will drive significant savings as well as reduce waste and environmental impact.

· Automotive Engineering

Autonomous vehicles technology will enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication, allowing data such as the weather forecast and traffic reports to be shared between cars. Autonomous communication will transform the way we use transport and how all methods of transportation will function.

· Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a core element of the engineering industry, as it focuses on the design and maintenance of roads, bridges and similar constructions. A new cement mixture can store electrical energy and release it on demand; any construction utilising this cement will turn into a battery with between 200W to 500W per squared metres.

· Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering has undoubtedly advanced the way we live over the past few centuries. New developments will only increase in speed, new technology will quickly change our lives in surprising ways. The drone that can climb walls will be able to fly and stick on its target as well as change its pose with the use of a perching mechanism. A stretchable electronic, worn like a bandage, will wirelessly monitor physical and electrical signals of the body such as respiration and heart and brain activity, allowing us to monitor all aspects of our health.

Electical engineering is unlocking more versatile and efficient technology, and will be key to some of the most important and exciting innovations in the years to come.

· Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering focuses on protecting the environment whilst simultaneously ensuring human safety. Regarding the protection of water resources, environmental engineers are developing technologies to detect small particles such as nanoparticles and pharmaceuticals in water sources. Environmental engineers are continuing to develop better systems for recycling and protecting the public from hazardous wastes and substances.

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