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How Blogging Can Help Your Engineering Job Search

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 21, Nov 2018
3 min read

If you’re looking for a job in engineering, you’re probably working on your CV, working on your interview technique, or studying to gain new skills or qualifications. What you’re probably not doing is working on a blog.

A blog is a great place to show off your skills, brush up on old techniques and learn more about your industry. But how can blogging help you get a job?

5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Engineering Blog

1. A Blog Will Help You Stand Out

Just having a blog mentioned on your CV or LinkedIn profile will help you stand out from the crowd. Blogging shows you care about what you do, that you have something to say about it and that you’re serious about developing your knowledge. Most candidates won’t have a website of their own to show off, and if it’s impressive, well-organised, and current your blog will really help you stand above the rest.

2. A Blog Will Show Off Your Technical Knowledge

It can be tricky to demonstrate a concrete knowledge of engineering through a CV. You can list your qualifications and licenses, you can talk about projects you have worked on, but a blog gives you the opportunity to really show off what you know and the work you can do.

Keeping your blog current will show employers that you’re interested in developments in your field, as well as that you’re keeping up to date with the latest techniques. The chance to see you at work can be invaluable, so consider filming yourself working on a project. Showing off the finished product can really impress potential employers, and shows you know what you’re doing.

A link to your blog may make the difference between a hiring manager calling you for an interview or passing on you for someone else.

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3. A Blog Will Show Your Personality

In any industry it can hard to give potential employers an idea of who you are. They want to know if you’ll be a good fit for their company: if you’re a team player, a communicator, someone who’ll be a positive addition beyond just the workload. A blog lets you inject some of your personality into the work you do, and video content can show more of yourself than through written content.

4. A Blog Helps You Expand Your Network

Maintaining a blog will help you meet people, network and potentially boost your awareness. Whether your blog gets seen by someone of interest or you reach out in a comment or video, having a blog will help you meet new people in your field. Online networking through blogging can significantly help you find a job, and potential employers may even come across your blog organically.

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5. A Blog Shows Off Other Skills

Building and running a blog takes time, effort, and many other skills that might not be immediately linked to an engineer. Writing, web editing, video filming and editing, networking, social media – the list goes on. These are all skills that any company can use and skills that engineering teams might be sorely lacking. Technical skills can give you an edge over other candidates.

Probably the most valuable skill a blog would give an engineer is in analytics, looking at the metrics of visitors and views, analysing what works, and making changes accordingly. Analytical skills show you’re goal-orientated, flexible and able to make changes to improve.

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