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Has Covid Altered Our Tech Habits?

  • by: Claire Kennett
  • On: 10, Feb 2022
4 min read

The pandemic has changed how we live, work, and communicate. From the start of 2020 we’ve all relied on technology to help us with our jobs, stay in touch with friends and family, and of course, for entertainment while staying safe inside.  

According to  OpenVault, a company that provides broadband analytics, the average monthly data use for a family household increased by 40% in 2020 compared to the previous year.  

It’s not just that we’ve been using more technology, but how we use that technology has changed. 

Our tech habits have always intersected with our work habits, but have we adopted any good habits that may help our careers?  

How Covid has altered our tech habits

Remote working 

The most obvious way in which the pandemic has changed our tech habits is remote working. Once considered a luxury, it’s now a necessity for many industries and a huge selling point for those in the job market, with many job seekers saying they’d take a pay cut for remote working and flexitime.   

The main benefit of remote working is that it’s given workers more control over their time than ever before. The day-to-tasks like laundry or grocery shopping that previously could only be done before or after work can now be tackled during the day. 

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we really can work from anywhere, with cloud storage allowing us to access data on the move and VPN systems keeping us secure. While all this existed before the pandemic, it’s now become the norm for workers all over the world.  

Though many workers can’t wait to get to the office, remote working is here to stay. 

Remote interviews 

On top of remote working, millions of people worldwide have had remote job interviews during the pandemic. Initially introduced as a safety measure, remote interviews may be here to stay, allowing people living in other cities or countries to successfully interview for new jobs without having to take expensive and time-consuming trips.  

Removing the stress of travelling to job interviews and allowing us to do them from home has allowed job seekers to refine their interview techniques and project the confidence that can only come from feeling comfortable and secure in their own home. This has led to many new jobs they might otherwise never have gotten. 

It’s also more practical, allowing job seekers to line up multiple interviews in a single day, with no travel time in between. For employers, it means location is no longer a factor in sourcing the best talent, so everyone wins.   

Remote learning 

The pandemic has seen many people around the world reconsider their jobs, changing roles, or even careers.  

Thanks to remote learning, online courses, and webinars, people have been able to learn new skills, climb the career ladder, or even pivot to entirely new jobs thanks to online education and training. 

Technology has helped us make it through the pandemic, but we don’t need to go back to how things were before. The new ways in which we’ve learned to use technology can continue to help us in the future, making work more flexible, manageable, and enjoyable.  

Read about the impact of Covid on cyber security, or read our top tips for employees returning to the office.  

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