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Green Airplanes – The New Face of Aviation

  • by: Sunette Van Aarde
  • On: 20, Sep 2017
2 min read
As green energy and environmentally-efficient vehicles soar in popularity, green aircraft is the latest trend poised to revolutionise the aviation industry. The global Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) sector is preparing for engineering challenges, but how will the new green airplanes affect aviation recruitment?


What Will Green Airplanes Look Like?

The green airplane of the future aims to solve the biggest environmental challenges in the aviation industry, including fuel efficiency, noise pollution, and plane washing. Many large global airlines are already investing in aerospace innovation technology, with the sustainable aircraft designed to improve overall performance, and these advances in engineering are set to have a knock-on effect on the recruitment of aircraft technicians in the coming years.

How Will Green Airplanes Affect Airlines and MROs?

To match the demand for rapidly evolving aircraft, aircraft manufacturers and MROs will need to rapidly upskill their aircraft maintenance technicians and aviation engineers and review their recruitment strategies. The new requirements will transform the way that aviation workers are trained and therefore the skills and experience necessary to work in the industry: engineers and technicians must continue to upskill themselves regularly, and more experienced workers face competition with a new generation of ready-made green aircraft engineers.

The Aviation Skills Shortage: A Green Solution

Coupled with new research revealing an urgent skills shortage in the aviation industry, airlines and MROs risk even greater demand for aircraft and airline technicians that coincides with a reduced supply of aviation talent; however, green airplanes could provide the solution to the skills shortage. Aircraft innovation on an unprecedented level can reach and capture the interest of potential talent pools that have previously not engaged with the industry.

Green airplanes could serve as the catalyst to attract younger audiences into airlines and MROs, transforming the face of aviation and inspiring a new era of change.

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