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Formula One’s Best Moments in 2018

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 5, Oct 2018
3 min read

2018 has had some incredible ups and downs for Formula One, with favourites Vettel and Hamilton battling it out for first place. Both are going for their fifth championship, so there’s everything to play for. After 12 rounds, Hamilton leads by 24 points.

Let’s take a look at some of the F1 highlights so far:

1. Sebastian Vettel winning his third Australian grand prix

Smart strategy allowed Sebastian Vettel to stay ahead of Lewis Hamilton and the rest in front of 94,000 fans at Albert Park, leading to Vettel’s third Australian grand prix victory. This was also Vettel’s hundredth podium finish in his professional racing career, buoying his confidence and no doubt leaving him feeling ready for more.

2. And the Belgian Grand Prix

Vettel then went on to win the Belgian Grand Prix, in a race which saw him establish a strong lead over Hamilton on the very first lap, and then didn’t let up once during the race. No threat, Hamilton finished second, ahead of Max Verstappen of Red Bull in third for the final podium position.

3. Vettel and Bottas’ Collision in France

Next on the list of Formula One’s best moments of 2018 is the disastrous collision between two drivers. An opening clash in round eight saw Vettel ruin his chance of victory, while dragging Valtteri Bottas down with him. This of course helped to clear the way for Hamilton. Both Vettel and Bottas’ cars took damage, and Vettel suffered a five second penalty. He still managed to make it to fifth place, but at the end of the race Vettel was only one point above Hamilton.

4. Hamilton Spins Out at Silverstone

Nudged by Ferarri’s Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton suffered a bad spin at a crucial part of the race, and had to claw his way back up the leaderboard. In the end he managed to regain position and came in second place, a respectable finish for such a disastrous beginning. He would go on to accuse Ferarri of ‘interesting tactics’:

‘The team did an amazing job this weekend, and we had so much support but also so much pressure. It was interesting tactics, I’ll say, on their side.’

5. …Only to Recover in Germany

Described as a miracle victory, round eleven saw some fantastic racing by Lewis Hamilton, proving he’s still a contender for the title. After a hydraulic issue, Hamilton found himself near the rear of the pack, making achingly slow progress through the middle. A late rain gave him the edge he needed. He dealt with the weather conditions calmly while others fell behind. His fresher tires helped him overtake others who weren’t in as good a shape. Towards the end of the race was the opening Lewis Hamilton needed: Sebastian Vettel sliding into the barriers, leaving the race wide open for Hamilton to win.

There’s still more to go until we see the end of the Formula One 2018 championship, with no doubt more excitement, surprises, and fantastic racing left to see.

Want more of Formula One’s Best Moments? Keep up to date with more Formula One news with VHR’s blog.

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