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How Formula E is Changing Professional Motorsport

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 21, Nov 2017
2 min read
Last week saw the release of Tesla's new electric vehicles as well as VHR's attendance at the Professional Motorsport World Expo. Controversial new Formula One engine rule changes sparked debate over the week, as did the emergence and popularity of electric vehicles - will these industry trends alter the face of Motorsport Racing?


The Rise of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and autonomous technology are becoming a bigger part of today’s Automotive industry. Motorsport giant Tesla this week released the Tesla Roadster: an updated model of the first battery-powered racing car. Elon Musk’s new designs will break three racing world records:

  • The first mass-produced car to break two seconds – With a 0-60 speed of 1.9 seconds
  • The first production vehicle to reach 0-100 in 4.2 seconds
  • An 8.9 second quarter mile
Like the Porsche Mission E, Motorsport manufacturers are moving away from performance engineering and further into electric vehicles manufacturing. Requiring a completely different skillset from Motorsport technicians and engineers, the rapidly advancing innovations in electric vehicles could attract previously untapped talent pools – acting as a welcome solution to the current engineering skills shortage sweeping the Automotive industry.

Formula One Rule Changes: A New Beginning for Automotive

The Formula One rule changes are aimed at reducing costs, improving performance and maintaining road relevance. Engines will increase by 3,000 revs to improve sound quality, with new engine types affording drivers greater control over energy deployment.

Will the Formula One rule changes increase competition between racing teams and threaten the big names in Motorsport? 16 of the 19 Formula 1 races in 2017 so far have been won by Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel. Is now the time for a new league of racing legends? As electric vehicles become more efficient and ever popular, will Formula E and electric vehicles spell the rise of a new Motorsport championship?
VHR work with a variety of electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturers that are embracing the Motorsport rule changes and developing innovative technologies.
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