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Exploring the Top Formula 1 Racing Circuits

  • by: Harvey Kennard
  • On: 9, Oct 2023
3 min read

This season of Formula 1 will be its longest ever, with an amazing 24 races sure to leave fans wanting more. There are new cities like Miami and Las Vegas joining the roster, and classic courses like Silverstone for longtime fans to enjoy all over again.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the best Formula One circuits from around the world.

The best Formula 1 Circuits

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

The oldest track on this season’s calendar, this classic course has hosted a round of the World Championship every year but one since 1950, making it an iconic staple of the sport for fans around the world.

Fans love Monza because it has one of the longest start-finish straights in the sport, giving space for final bursts of speed before the flag comes down.

The first chicane is another great element, particularly on the opening lap with so many cars sprinting through the narrow space desperate to inch ahead of the pack.

Today’s layout features many of the original corners from decades past, making it a true landmark in the sport.


An all-time classic track, Silverstone was built on the site of a World War II airstrip, and has been in use for over 50 years, being the site of the first race of the modern Formula 1 World Championship, with King George VI in attendance.

The only track of the British Grand Prix since the late 1980s, Silverstone consistently challenges drivers’ skills and is always one of the best-attended races of the season.

Like many of the great circuits, it offers a variety of challenges: the stadium section where the race begins is a great spot for overtaking, and Copse Corner marks the start of one of the most exciting parts of any Grand Prix track, with the right-hand turn often taken at high speed before a quick left-right-left section which provides some thrilling opportunities for daring racing. This part of the track is famously where Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton collided in 2021.


Opened in 1960 as a test track for Honda, Suzuka has since gone on to become a racing mainstay, and has been the home of the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987.

There’s a left hand turn that cars regularly try to take at around 200mph to stay in the lead, always a nail-biting moment.

Suzuka also has a unique figure of eight layout that has produced some of the most exciting F1 races of the last few decades. The track has also been the scene of multiple championship deciders at the end of a season, making it a fan favourite thanks to the dramatic title battles that have played out there.

Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve

An almost constant presence on the calendar for more than 40 years, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has produced many memorable races over the years.

Built on a man-made island in the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Montréal, the circuit was renamed in honour of Villeneuve after a tragic accident claimed the Ferrari driver’s life at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix.

With a mix of fast long straights, tight chicanes, and sweeping turns, this track is one of the hardest to successfully navigate at high speed, making every race here one to watch.

The ‘Wall of Champions’ is the most famous section of the circuit, where even the most skilled and seasoned drivers can fail, allowing for boldness, bravery, or just plain luck to have a huge impact on the race.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

This Belgian circuit has been a staple of the F1 calendar since the start of the modern World Championship in 1950.

The original Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps comprised 15km of hilly public roads in the Ardennes mountains. Frequent safety incidents led to the track being shortened to its current 7km layout in 1981.

Even so, this still leaves it as the longest track on the calendar, and with a tight hairpin, tough corners, and other tricky elements, it’s certainly a proving ground for any new driver.

These racetracks and many others are just part of why so many people around the world love Formula 1.

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