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Day 2: Captain’s Ride Across Australia

Posted by Aimee Treasure on Nov 6, 2019 4:38:02 PM 1573058282877
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Day 2 of the Captain’s Ride sees VHR’s CEO Danny Brooks continue his week-long ride around Australia for children with rare diseases.

Day Two: Bunyi Mountain to Toowoomba

What the rider team expected to be a relatively straightforward 100km ride with just over 1,000 metres of vertical ascent at a steady climb rate was turned on its head.

Overnight, the wind increased to 30 knots gusting at 40 knots, and the wind direction meant a headwind for the entire route. The team had a hard slog from the beginning, until the very much appreciated last metre of the 100km. Several riders found reserves and mental strength they didn’t know they possessed.

VHR’s value of teamwork played a core role in strengthening each rider and providing the will to finish the day: many of the more experienced cyclists went to the back of the group to help push the newer or more inexperienced riders up the hills. All riders finished just in time to watch Australia’s most famous horse race: the Melbourne Cup.

Day two’s motivational talk was delivered by Glen and Alyssa Azar: two seasoned explorers who have conquered Mount Everest twice (so far!).

The evening held a surprise and reward for VHR’s Founder and CEO. Danny was presented with the Captain’s Choice Yellow Jersey for his efforts helping riders throughout the day, his support to the Steve Waugh Foundation over the last four years, and his fundraising of an additional $1,700 for the foundation at the Melbourne Cup.

Sponsor Danny and the Captain’s Ride Team

Led by former Australian Cricket Captain Steve Waugh every November, the Captain’s Ride sees hundreds of amateur cyclists ride around Australia for up to 10 hours every day. All proceeds help the Steve Waugh Foundationsupport the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children across the globe.

To sponsor Danny and the team please visit:


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