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Creating a Sustainable Workforce for the Marine Industry

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 9, Feb 2021
1 min read

In late 2020 VHR made contact with a Super Yacht manufacturer who had recently won a number of large orders. Their current suppliers were struggling to cope with their demand due to a shortage of Marine talent locally. The effects of the pandemic and Brexit had exasperated this talent shortage.

 VHR, understanding the similarities between the fit out of expensive yachts and first-class cabins within the aviation sector proposed to cross-skill aviation skills into the marine environment.

As a result of the Pandemic and resulting downturn in the aviation sector VHR identified a large number of candidates based locally who could be retrained for the Marine sector and transfer their aviation skills into the marine environment.

The VHR Account Director together with our client created a 3-day assessment and training program and trial of 5 workers was agreed. The trial succeeded and the bulk of the workers supplied to our client are now originally from the aviation industry having been re-trained by our client in collaboration with VHR. VHR’s worker retention rate with this programme is 93%.

In less than 2 months of starting this new relationship, VHR had supplied 35 workers, outperformed their existing suppliers and becoming our new client’s top supplier both in terms of quality of service, contractor skill and population.

Our client commented “VHR’s industry knowledge and innovative approach combined with the quality of their contractors, and their service levels provided for a first-class service.

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