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Career Personality Quiz – Which Career Fits You?

  • by: Joseph Tominey
  • On: 4, Nov 2019
2 min read

When deciding on a career path, your personality could be just as important as your current skills and work experience. The average person changes careers between five and seven times throughout their working life – trying new industries is no bad thing, but if you start your career path in something that you enjoy, you’re much more likely to get a better fit.

Are you a Designer – detail-oriented and adaptable – or an Engineer – good with your hands and enthusiastic about the world? Maybe you’re a Creative with a great imagination, or instead a highly organised Scientist? Perhaps you’re academic and relish challenges like an Analyst?

Take our quiz to find out which career best suits you, and then learn more about your choices below.


The Career Personality Types


8-13 = Scientist

14-20 = Engineer

21-26 = Analyst

27-34 = Creative

35-40 = Designer


Although Designer personality types are creative and visual thinkers, there is a lot more to them:

· Perceptive – Noticing things others don’t, like patterns in nature or the structure of an object, and you learn visually (rather than through hearing or feeling)

· Adaptable – Can work well on your own and as part of a group or team

· Intuitive – Good instincts

· Multitasking – Able to work on many projects at once

· Detail-Oriented – High level of focus and attention

Good careers for Designers: Graphic Design, Architecture, Animation, Video Game Creation, Web Development


From Technology to Construction, from Aviation to Cyber Security, Engineers can work across a wide range of jobs and industries. Engineers are:

· Enthusiastic about the world – Love finding out how things work

· Good with their hands – Building things and making things

· Flexible – Spontaneous, prefer freedom to rules

· Eager to learn

· Independent and reliable

· Laidback – Easy-going, carefree and not inclined to worry

Good careers for Engineers: Teaching, Space, Agriculture, Aviation, Formula One


· Introverted and prefer to work alone

· Highly organised

· Futuristic – Good at planning and preparing

· Perfectionist – High standards in everything you do

· Analytical – Logical, fast thinker who enjoys difficult questions and complicated theories

Good careers for Scientists: Technology, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Publishing


· Extroverted – Love people and helping others

· Expressive – Good communication skills and good at reading other people’s feelings

· Imaginative – Inventive and resourceful

· Brave and excitable – Enjoy coming up with and exploring new ideas

Good careers for Creatives: Art, Fashion, Marketing, Sales, Recruitment


A wide range of careers are open to Analysts, due to their ability to deal with complicated issues and make calm, informed decisions:

· Logical – Rely on data and reason to make decisions

· Academic – Love formal learning in school, college, University and training courses

· Imaginative – Enjoy solving problems

· Process-oriented – Like rules and structured ways of doing things

· Driven – Relish challenges and determined to find solutions

Good careers for Analysts: Criminology, Business, Healthcare, IT, Accounting, Research


Don’t Agree with Your Career Type?

Of course, the five career personality types listed above will not fit everyone. You might be a combination of some of all of them, with the extroversion of a Creative and the perception of a Designer, or have the organisation skills of a Scientist and the carefree nature of an Engineer.

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