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The Solution To The Aviation Skills Shortage

  • by: Jonny Kramer
  • On: 23, Aug 2017
2 min read
New research reveals that the global Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) sector faces a combination of increased demand and a reduction in technicians, confirming what most airlines already know: there is an urgent skills shortage in the aviation industry. What is behind the aviation skills shortage, and what can MRO and airlines do to attract more talent into their businesses?


Why Is There A Skills Shortage In Aviation?

42% of industry leaders identify a labour shortage in the maintenance technician field as the most urgent challenge in Aerospace & Aviation. Global demand for aviation skills is set to overtake supply by 2027, with airlines and international MRO providers identifying one clear reason: a lack of interest in aviation from younger talent pools. The age of MRO technicians in the industry has climbed to above-average levels, creating space for younger aviation technicians to enter the workforce; however, this gap is not being filled. Aviation is falling in popularity with school students, meaning young people are choosing office jobs instead of becoming engineers. If numbers of aviation technicians continue to fall, the sector will face challenges of unprecedented proportions.

How to Market Aviation as a Rewarding Career Choice

Imagine a world without airplanes. Businesses would be reliant on costly and time-consuming methods of transportation, resulting in a slower and less productive economy. Individuals and families would enjoy far fewer holidays, with many people never having the chance to experience other cultures or create precious memories with loved ones.

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers not only build planes, they serve as catalysts for new life experiences and are an integral part of our modern lives. The solution to the aviation skills shortage lies in positioning the Aerospace & Aviation sector as an interesting and rewarding career choice that can give engineers and technicians a career like no other industry.

In a globally connected world where students are bombarded with choices, we need to shout louder to reach potential aviation engineers and technicians or we risk losing out on talent. Young people in schools are unaware of the breadth of amazing aviation careers all over the world – we need to show them what they’re missing.

The Aerospace & Aviation industry can attract more talent at graduate and entry levels by visiting schools and speaking about the benefits, not only of working for airlines and MROs but in being part of the incredible things that they do and the amazing experiences they create. Industry leaders and new Aviation Academies can tackle the aviation skills shortage by promoting the importance of engineers and technicians to the history and future of aviation, and inspire them to become a part of the industry that we love.

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